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Star Wars Actor Says Episode 8 Will Be "Darker, Bigger" Than Previous Movies

"It's crazy."


Star Wars Episode VIII has been in production for two months now, and while we know very little about its storyline, several cast members have spoken about the approach that writer/director Rian Johnson is taking to the sequel. The latest actor to tease a few details is John Boyega.

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Boyega was interview by Variety at the Cannes Film Festival, where he was asked about what fans could expect. "It's a different take--darker, bigger," he said. "Someone will say: 'How do you get bigger than Force Awakens?' But it's crazy."

Boyega's comments mirror those made by fellow actor Oscar Isaac last month. Isaac, who plays ace pilot Poe Dameron, told the LA Times that Johnson's approach to the series would set it apart from previous instalments. "Rian is definitely going to places and investigating things that haven't really been done in the Star Wars universe," he revealed. "For me, it's so fun getting to explore different things that I wouldn't have expected in this universe.

"In some ways it feels like we're making an independent film. Certain things we get to play with--this kind of intimacy that we get to find--it's special. It's been really fun."

Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, has also spoken previously about the darker tone of Episode VIII. In addition, last month she revealed her lightsaber skills in a new video, filmed during preproduction.

Episode VIII opens in December 2017. You won't have to wait that long to see a new Star Wars movie, however, as Rogue One comes out later this year. The first trailer for that movie was recently released and can be seen here.

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