Star Wars 9 Director on the Importance of Rey

Director Colin Trevorrow says the answer to her origins will be "deeply and profoundly satisfying."


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is still doing well at the box office and the Internet continues to buzz with theories and speculation over the origins of some of the new characters, especially Rey. We may have to wait until 2017's Episode VIII, but Colin Trevorrow, Episode IX director, recently made some statements about her origin and some of the theories. There may be spoilers below.

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Trevorrow mentioned he's been practicing how to answer the questions without giving away too much. He told ET he's seen all the conspiracy theories on Rey's parentage, including the possibility she's related to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"We're going to make sure that the answer is deeply and profoundly satisfying. Rey is a character that is important in this universe, not just in the context of The Force Awakens, but in the entire galaxy. She deserves it. We'll make sure that that answer is something that feels like it was something that happened a long time ago, far away, and we're just telling you what happened."

Trevorrow also pointed out he wasn't creating a "host of new characters." This could be confirmation that Rey's parents (or grandparents) are indeed existing characters. Pointing out how important she is and that she deserves to be also indicates she has a deep connection to the previous films.

It's interesting to hear Trevorrow talk on the importance of Rey's story and hopefully we'll get some answers in Episode VIII instead of having to wait until Episode IX. Episode VIII opens on May 26, 2017

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