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Star Wars 8's Mark Hamill on the "Annoying and Intrusive" Secrecy of the Films

"I understand why they're doing it."


He might be one of the main stars of the Star Wars saga, but Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill finds the secrecy behind the new movies as frustrating as the fans do.

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During an hour-long Q&A at Star Wars Celebration Europe today [July 15], Hamill was asked how he felt about the highly confidential production of Star Wars Episode 8, which has just finished shooting.

"It can be really annoying and intrusive," he admitted. "You get the call sheets and there are no names, everyone's got a number. You're number 11, you're 33. You're looking at the call sheets, wondering who's working today."

"They're not doing it to annoy you, it's just that they want the surprise to be in the movie theaters, not on the internet," he continued.

"I understand why they're doing it, but it can get really out of control, with the pages that get shredded every day. I need old-school, I need a script! That you can write on, that you can take home and read."

"It drives me crazy, but it's for your viewing pleasure that we do this."

Star Wars Celebration Europe is taking place this weekend in London. Later today, the cast and crew of the upcoming Rogue One will be appearing on a panel.

Click here for a full lineup of the weekend's events.

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