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Star Wars 7's Daisy Ridley Responds to Rumors About Rey's Parents, Says Episode 8 Is "Darker"

"Just because she's white and got brown doesn't mean she's my mom."


Speaking tonight at the MTV Movie Awards, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens actress Daisy Ridley shared some interesting insight into her character Rey and the next movie in the series.

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On the subject of Episode VIII, which is currently filming, the actress told MTV News the movie is "darker" in tone than The Force Awakens, though she did not share a reason why. Back in January, Finn actor John Boyega said the same thing. "Much darker, but we're very excited," he said at the time.

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Ridley also responded to the theories that Felicity Jones' character Jyn Erso in Rogue One is Rey's mom.

"I'm not being funny you guys, but just because she's white and got brown hair… it doesn't mean she's my mom," she said.

Ridley says she does in fact know who Rey's parents are, having been informed of the detail during the filming of The Force Awakens. As you might have guessed, she didn't say who they are.

"I think the amazing thing about Episode VII is that Finn and Rey don't come from anywhere and they find a place," she said. "To me, it's funny that people think [Rey's lineage] is so important, because I guess it is. But I don't really think it is because regardless of where you come from, where you go is the're moving forward, and you can make a family; you can find people who you love.

"And so I think the progression Rey is making is and the people she's meeting and the relationships she's making now are kind of more important than where she comes from. But that's just me."

Finally, Ridley said she's not sure Rey is indeed a Jedi.

"I don't know if I am a Jedi… I don't think I am. We've had this debate as to whether Leia is because she uses her Force powers. Just because she's not like, oh I'm going on an adventure like Luke doesn't make her any less Forceful."

Rogue One comes out this December, while Episode VIII follows in December 2017.

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