Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Almost Featured Yoda

It's not easy being green. [SPOILERS]

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Everyone's favourite little green Jedi almost made it into The Force Awakens. Yoda was considered to be in the film alongside other classic Star Wars actors, but he was cut before the film hit theatres.

The Star Wars film's editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the 66th annual ACE Eddie Awards about the legendary, yet mysterious Jedi master.

"There was one point where we were actually thinking of having Yoda in the film, and then we decided not to," Brandon told ET. "[Yoda puppeteer and voice actor Frank Oz] came in for a day and did a whole bunch of Yoda and he was over the moon to do it--and we were tickled pink!"

Yoda would have appeared in the "Force vision" scene with Obi-Wan actors Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.

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In other Star Wars news, it was confirmed that the chromed-out Captain Phasma will return in Episode VIII. And if you're still following The Force Awakens' record-breaking rise in the box office, it's nearing the $2 billion mark.

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