Star Wars 7 Stormtrooper TR-8R - Official Name and Details Revealed [SPOILERS]



Since the start of the very first movie, Stormtroopers have played a major part in the Star Wars saga. One in the particular has been the focus of much attention since The Force Awakens was released last month--the baton-spinning First Order trooper who fights a lightsaber-wielding Finn. Now some details about this new fan favourite have been revealed.

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The trooper had been unofficially named TR-8R by fans, due to the shout of "traitor!" that he directs towards Finn during their encounter. However, the official Star Wars website has confirmed that he is in fact called FN-2199, and is also known by the nickname 'Nines'.

The character has previously appeared in the Greg Rucka’s prequel novel Before the Awakening, where he trained alongside Finn, which accounts for his angry reaction when he sees his former comrade. In The Force Awakens, he is part of an elite squad deployed to crush uprisings, which accounts for the scary-looking laser baton that he uses in the film.

Nines is pictured below in an illustration from the novel--he's the red haired trooper sitting down on the left:

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The site also reveals that FN-2199 was performed by veteran stuntman Liang Yang, while the voice was that of David Acord, a sound editor at Lucasfilm who also worked on the prequel films and the animated spin-offs The Clone Wars and Rebels.

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