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Star Wars 1313 was always in danger - Report

Source says doubts about shooter existed long before LucasArts closure, George Lucas decided game should focus on Boba Fett.


Star Wars 1313 was always in danger of not being made, a source has told Kotaku. The tipster claimed LucasArts had doubts about the third-person shooter long before Disney closed LucasArts yesterday.

Image credit: Kotaku
Image credit: Kotaku

"They ended up with movie tech that wouldn't fit in a game, and game tech that wouldn't fit in a movie," the source said. "1313 was always in danger of not being made."

In addition, the source claims after Star Wars creator George Lucas saw the game, he decided that it should focus on Boba Fett, a bounty hunter whose story was told in the original Star Wars movies.

The source also released a new concept art image to Kotaku. It shows Boba Fett and a squad of teammates in a sprawling city.

Though LucasArts has ceased production on Star Wars 1313, the game could live on. The studio said yesterday that it is seeking out "proven" external partners who can help bring the game to market. "There's always a possibility that [Star Wars 1313] can still come out via licensing," the company said.

Star Wars 1313 was announced at a pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo event last year. After its initial unveiling, nothing was heard about the game until October. It was then that Disney purchased the Star Wars brand and said all LucasArts games would continue development unabated.

This was reportedly not the case, as past reports claim all LucasArts hiring and game announcements were frozen in the weeks and months following Disney's buyout.

In addition to Star Wars 1313, the fate of rumored downloadable team-based shooter Star Wars: First Assault lies in question.

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