Star Wars: 1313 revealed

New third-person action adventure franchise set in the Star Wars universe puts players in control of bounty hunter in criminal underworld beneath Coruscant; no platforms announced; more details at E3 2012.


LucasArts has unveiled a new Star Wars game franchise, making the announcement tonight during Spike's Game Trailers TV show.

Star Wars: 1313.
Star Wars: 1313.

Titled Star Wars: 1313, the internally developed third-person action adventure game will see players take on the role of a bounty hunter navigating a subterranean metropolis, Level 1313, beneath the surface of the planet Coruscant.

While the game will make its formal debut at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, LucasArts announced the game is being developed with the help of artists across the Lucasfilm organization, including LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation Ltd., and Skywalker Sound. The game will be based on the Unreal engine and feature full-body performance capture.

Star Wars: 1313 will see players use "exotic" weapons in a bid to uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy beneath Coruscant. According to LucasArts, the game will emphasize fast-paced combat, and the game's hero will use human skills and gadgets rather than supernatural Force powers. In addition, the game will feature a combination of cover-based combat, platforming, and "playable cinematic gameplay."

"Star Wars: 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we've always known existed, but never had a chance to visit," LucasArts president Paul Meegan said in a statement.

No details have yet been given on platforms or release date.

The latest entry in the Star Wars franchise was Kinect Star Wars, which was released in April and received a chilly reception by critics. That game is set primarily during the time of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, with overlapping parts of the other prequel trilogy films and nods to the original Star Wars trilogy.

LucasArts will reveal more details about Star Wars: 1313 at next week's E3 in Los Angeles.

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After watching the albeit brief interview with some dude from ILM, and another from LucasArts on G4tv, it is going to be a linear game, and not open world/sandbox like some (including myself) had hoped. It still might be cool, but we shall see.

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@jollybest1 You were right. we go to SW universe to get away from 'normal humans'.

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sigh...I'll keep waiting for KOTOR 3

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TORtanic sank deep

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Squeeze the teet some more George my son, churn out some more tat for the faithful to blindly purchase! I'll probably buy it much to my own annoyance, just hope it's half decent

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this sounds boss, but what about Battlefront 3?

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@xoxStriker7xox Much as I'd love to see BF3 as well, I wouldn't hold my breath. They had it partially done years ago from what I've heard but then some dumbasses screwed it up and the devs went under. We'll probably see BF3 around the time we see Timesplitters 4. Which will probably be around the same time Ol' Palpy starts giving out free bantha rides on a frozen over Tatooine.

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Star Wars Bountry Hunter game fro Gamecube , anyone ?

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wow so exotic...

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All these people whining about this game going to suck because you do not play as a jedi have never played Bounty Hunter, Republic Commando, Battlefront, any starfighter game, and a whole bunch of games that you do not play as a jedi. All because you do not play as a jedi doesn't mean it will not be a Star Wars game. What makes a Star Wars game is that you play in the Star Wars universe and that the characters are memorable. Frankly I am tired of Jedi games and I would love to play as a bounty hunter. Also people should stop judging the game, for god sake it hasn't come out yet, hell there is no gameplay trailers.

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Oorah brother you told them.

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@GreyFox2117 well for me the only things that made sw appealing were the force powers BF games and Kotor games.........Wasn't impressed by the movies....Want a good SCI FI movie try the first starship troopers, alien. aliens and serenity

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@jollybest1 You must be a kid because if you saw the first SW films you wouldnt be saying that, I bet you didnt like episodes I, II, and III. SW is like one of the SCI FI movie Gods and actually it inspired many SCI FI movies and games. Also I have seen all of those movies and each one, including SW have their own unique stories and styles so saying that one is better than the other makes little sense. Also BF never had force powers only BF2 (PSP versions dont count) and there are tons of SW games that dont use force powers and they are good. Plus lately games that have force powers in them have been weak, Force Unleashed and the REMARKABLE SW Kinect.

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@slimskelter well that makes sense since i got confused for a second there lol

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@GreyFox2117 Dude, I was being sarcastic. And I thought I'd sent the message to Jollybest1, in regards to his comment, not you. Sorry you didn't pick up on it, however.

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@slimskelter I wasn't talking about Lord of the RIngs I was talking about Star Wars and any SCI FI movies. I think you are in the wrong place lol. FYI Lord of the Rings isnt SCI FI it is fantasy.

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@GreyFox2117 I wasn't impressed by the Lord of the Rings movies. Want a good fantasy movie try The Never Ending Story, Beastmaster, Krull, and Labyrinth.

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@jollybest1 Wow you got to relax man and I never said Starship Troopers sucked hell it is one of my favorite movies. What I was saying that you really cant compare SW to those movies because they have different plots and styles. This goes same with SG1 and Star Trek because they are unique in their ways. The thing is all those SCI FI movies we mentioned are unique in their own ways and shouldnt be compared with each other. So stop being so hostile and stop judging games based on the fact it doesn't have a component that you like (hell there are no footage out yet or demo to say if it is going to be good or bad, it just might be the best TPS out there) because really it makes you look ignorant.

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@GreyFox2117 How the hell am I a kid when I've saw aliens and starship troopers when they were released...Some of you people should understand that some don't have the same tastes but then again most of you are ignorant people....What? and Starship troopers inspired Aliens (the mechs and dropships) and the aliens movie was released before the starship troopers movie, but there were books before that, that doesn't mean it wasn't a great movie....If it weren't for Harrison Ford I would have not like it at all.......Star Trek and Stargate SG1 universes are beter than SW...And again is my opinion......

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WiredDreemz is the Force Powers and Light Sabers that make Star Wars in my opinion! This sounnds like it will be very close to a run-of-the-mill third person shooter.

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Fans have asked for a Boba Fett game for ages, and now when they make something that seems to put you in the shoes of a bounty hunter, it's suddenly not wanted?

Make up your mind.

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LucasArts... y u no make Republic Commando 2?!

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They definitely should spend more time on developing a Knights of the Old Republic 3.

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@Cyberdene That MMO was already the KOTOR3. So I dropped my hopes on that game.

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I'm honestly sick of Star Wars games. Most have been mediocre or just plain awful.

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@SenorKel So you never heard of Jedi knight, Battlefront, KOTOR, Empire at War, Republic Commando,......

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@SenorKel Agree with Zachbobbob....Not really.

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@SenorKel ...not really

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See, i went off topic a couple of responses back, I want a open sandboxish type of star wars ( unfortunately i used GTA as the example which some don't like ) but if im gonna play a star wars game i want to be able to be free to do what i want and create a character that i can embody. If there were depth, characters with flaws, emotions, but within the star wars universe I would be psyched. not everybodies cup o tea.

I just imagine a red dead redemption style landscape, more similar to mos eisley, that your character ends up there for whatever reason and then can inter act, explore, become who you want. Not necessarily lightsabers and sith but where you can walk down the dusty path with others reacting to your character and paths becoming available based on your actual choosing rather than try option A. then B. SO GTA but on a grander scale where the DLC's are endless for different worlds.

sorry im just dreaming

but you know what i posted this earlier from this site:

"The company has applied for a trademark on the name "Star Wars 1313" for an upcoming video game. This was spotted by, who speculate that the game could star Boba Fett, given that "CT-1313" was an alias that he once used on Aarganu."

so maybe its blue milk / boba fett.

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@Lostinthebliss 1313 might also hint at Donald Duck, after all, he already crossed over

or it just may feature a lot of shirtless guys

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My first PC addiction was the original x wing followed by tie fighter. I'd love to see both of those games for the current or next gen console. Both epic games a was the dark forces jk series. I hope this turns out ok but I've been burnt too manytimes by la. Fingers crossed they pull a winner from the hat but I'm not holding my breath.

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While I'm not gonna knock the few paragraphs I've been given about this game, I'll just say what I think is true for starwars games. The starwars universe is getting dried up and crusty. No one really cares for lightsaber porn anymore and all the flashy pretty graphics and textures and "Ohhhh corusaant, lots of lights and moving things in the background." What I would like to see, is a down and dirty, in the trenches, grit and grimey portrayal of the starwars universe. Republic Commando only much much nastier. The problem with starwars is that it's too "clean" to feel a personal connection to the characters (At least for me) yeah its violent but there's no heart (and I'm not saying it needs more blood and gore) but the characters are so flat boring and expendable. I want a game that'll rip my guts out, something that'l lmake me shake in horror, because starwars wars are pretty brutal, it's just about how it's presented. Republic commando 2? That'd be awesome, but up the inensity x100, I want a dirty visceral experience, not a boba fett wannabe. Off topic? Nahhh

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@twistedkid77 at first, i was like what the hell are you saying. But now i agree completely that's the star wars i truly want to see, something with more depth with characters a visceral grit that truly makes u believe in the environment their in and the characters they interact with

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@chilly-chill its playable, bought it off ebay (1 and 2). Just update your xbox.

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@Swords1111 there are some bugs but nothing game breaking. some of the sound effects turn off sometimes and the dialogue in cutscenes sputters.

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the odyssey engine which bioware made but retired in 2005

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Oh LucasArts, why will you not listen to your fans? Nobody wants this garbage, we want RC2, BF3, and KOTOR3.

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I dont know my friend, this may be what Lucasarts needs, a new look; however, they need to seriously reevaluate how they approach this because from what I make of their previous 3rd person action games, they need some help, take the force unleashed for instance, I followed that game for 2 years and the potential was totally their, but they blew it in the end, so they should probably look at the successes of other 3rd person action adventure games like Assassins creed, the first few at least, uncharted, and Red Dead redemption... just a thought

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@MasterKingMP While RC2 is a possibility, two of the things you are asking for will NEVER happen. KOTOR3 has had its place taken by the mmo SWTOR, Lucasarts announced there will be no KOTOR3, and it would be especially stupid to make now considering SWTOR finished the story. BF3 won't be released because the studio developing it shut down. How exactly do you know this game is garbage, are you from the future? No you aren't and I personally think the idea sounds cool, its all about the execution.

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The studio behind Star Wars Battlefront 3 did shut off, but they weren't the owners of the IP. LucasArts is. So, if LucasArts wants a new Battlefront, they can make it.

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@Crypt_mx Very true Crypt_mx. I may have been a bit hasty, I do enjoy almost all LucasArts games. Of course I'll give this a chance, I shouldn't have called it garbage, it's just that, a Battlefront 3, especially with today's technology, would amount to great things. I feel like LucasArts cares not for their loyal fans. But we shall see if this turns out good.

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@Crypt_mx They never cancelled BF3. They supposedly handed it off to Rebellion, but haven't said much.

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@MasterKingMP Amen keep preaching brotha

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playing KOTOR for the first time right now. i can't judge this game before it's release, but a robust rpg would have been more to my liking.

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a Star Wars game without the Force is just generic sci-fi. So Lucas is betting this will be successful solely on playability? Good luck.

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why is it that Lucasarts always has the best looking cinematic trailers and concept art, but their games always turn out like garbage... not sure why they cant just make the games more like the trailers

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@jedihunter458 Well , they can make a game with just like trailers .. but imagine what kind of computer would you need to run such game ! you know these trailers , are rendered by render farms .. large rooms full of mainframe computers just to handle the final rendering of the whole thing ! obviously that wont make it out to public use . its not about the graphics , cuz there are pretty decent art and visuals going on with alot of games .. its all about the game play and how the story syncs with it

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good point, I'm definitely for a good story; however, good story and good graphics mean excellent game... I think in general, the gaming industry needs to slow down and bring in some fresh ideas, no more of developers producing a sequal every year just for money, take Assassins Creed or Call of Duty for instance, great franchises, but the overproduction and milking of the once great and groundbreaking mechanics has given a bad taste in the mouths of once die hard fans... gotta say I like what the uncharted series and what rockstar is producing, bold and fresh, though just my oppinion.

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@jedihunter458 the assassins creed games still advance the complicated story between games.