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Star Wars 1313 looked like it could have been beautiful

Concept art for the Star Wars game that could have been.


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Star Wars 1313 isn't coming out, but some concept art for the game that surfaced recently will make you wish it did.

The images were made by Filmpaint Studio in Los Angeles, which provides the movie, comic book, and game industries with concept art, storyboarding, and other visually oriented services.

Under the Production Art tab on its website, you can find a few beautiful pieces commissioned for Star Wars 1313 in 2009.

You can see a few of them below, and even more on Filmpaint’s website, where you’ll also find early concept art for The Amazing Spider-Man film, Tron: Legacy, and many other big franchises.

From the red-light district to the abandoned lower levels in Coruscant (the Ecumenopolis where the game was set), Star Wars 1313 looked like it was going for a grittier, more realistic tone. One of the descriptions on the images even compares it to Blade Runner.

Star Wars 1313 was originally announced at E3 2012 as a next-gen Star Wars third-person action adventure game from LucasArts. The game, said to feature bounty hunter Boba Fett as its protagonist, was reportedly canceled in April 2013 when Disney closed LucasArts.

Disney has since abandoned its trademark for Star Wars 1313 and the game's creative director, Dominic Robilliard, has joined the PlayStation team where he is working as a design director for an unspecified project.

Disney and Electronic Arts signed an agreement last year to make the Battlefield publisher the exclusive creator of Star Wars games going forward. This deal spans 10 years and multiple projects, including a new Star Wars: Battlefront game from Battlefield creator DICE.

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