Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Sweepstakes

The winner of the random drawing will get a trip for four to Hollywood and a cameo appearance in Activision's upcoming Star Trek game.


Activision has announced the Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Sweepstakes. The random drawing features a grand prize package including a trip for four to Hollywood and a cameo appearance in an upcoming Activision Star Trek game. Those interested in entering the sweepstakes can visit for more information.

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Just watching this post from the year 2000 in October and thinking about where I was when this sweepstakes was held gives me sort of a chill. There was no Xbox or even Nintendo Gamecube and PS2 was just released within weeks!

The consoles in the market at that time were basically the fairly new Dreamcast, the old Nintendo 64 (N64) and the really old Playstation with the PS One just released in mere months before this sweeps. Now in 2013, the PS2 was finally discontinued as one of the longest running consoles. I wonder who the winner of the Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Sweepstakes was? -- "Ken" Sherman

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