Star Trek Picard Season 2 Gets New Teaser

The spin-off series is expected to boldly come back in 2022.


Paramount+ has released a teaser for Star Trek: Picard Season 2, revealing that the show will return for another outing sometime in 2022. A slow-burn clip clocking in at just over a minute, the teaser has a weary Jean-Luc Picard providing a voice over, waxing philosophical about what will likely be a dominant theme in the upcoming season: "Time offers so many opportunities, but never second chances." Check out the clip below.

As exciting as the announcement of Season 2 is, it's heightened even more by the winking tease at the end that Picard's recurring nemesis Q will likely be playing a role. This was confirmed in a companion video where Wil Wheaton (The Ready Room) interviews Patrick Stewart about the upcoming season, only to be interrupted and "surprised" by the appearance of John De Lancie (Breaking Bad), who played Q.

"I wish I could sit here and blurt out to you all the new storylines and situations and times that you're going to be seeing in this second season," said Stewart. "Despite 178 episodes of Next Generation… and four feature films, there are events coming up in Season 2 that have never been seen before."

Of Q's return, De Lancie said, "It's been a long time coming, and I'm more than ready… He is deliciously naughty, kind of marvelously annoying, terribly self-involved. As my wife says, 'It's not much of a stretch [playing this character].'"

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