Star Trek Online Events: Free Borg Packs And First Contact Celebration

Star Trek Online, the free-to-play MMORPG based on the Star Trek franchise, has a few activities planned for April.


Starting on April 2 and April 9 for the PC and console versions respectively, Star Trek Online--the free-to-play MMORPG based on Stark Trek--will give players one free Borg pack. The pack includes four Borg Lock Box Weapon Packs, a Borg Bridge Officer, and a Small XP Boost. The pack will be available to get for two weeks.

Star Trek Online is also running a First Contact Celebration from April 2 to 23 on PC and April 9 to 30 on Xbox and PS4. April marks the month that Vulcans and humans first made contact in 2063, and players can participate in in-game activities like launching their own rockets and work their way towards obtaining a Temporal Vortex Probe.

For a detailed breakdown of what the Borg pack includes, the Borg Lock Box Weapon will let players choose between Borg ground or Space Weapon when opened. The Borg Bridge officer pack will let players choose one Borg Bridge Officer to add to the crew. And the Small XP Boost is exactly what it says on the tin--it's an item that will generate bonus XP as you level up.

The First Contact Day also includes an activity where players time travel back to 21st century Bozeman, Montana in order to stop the Borgs from their plans of foiling First Contact between humans and Vulcans. Seven of Nine, who was born a human female and joined the Borg at a young age, will be part of your team. Seven of Nine first made her appearance in Star Trek: Voyager and also made a cameo in the 2020 show Star Trek: Picard.

Star Trek Online was launched in 2010, which makes it a pretty long-running game. You can read what we thought about it in GameSpot's Star Trek Online review. Reviewer Kevin VanOrd said of the game, "Star Trek Online doesn't boldly go where no one's gone before. Instead, it mildly coasts along without much drama or excitement. Developer Cryptic Studios' latest online role-playing game is a 'bare minimum' kind of experience, doing just enough to get by, but doing so without an ounce of flair and without the anything-can-happen-in-space buzz that makes the television shows and films such a delight." Of course, the game has been updated significantly since the original review was published.

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