Star Trek: Discovery And Lower Decks Get New Trailers For First Contact Day

Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Lower Decks are two of the best reasons to subscribe to Paramount Plus.


If Star Trek is predicting the future, we're only 42 years away from making first contact with the Vulcan people, which takes place on April 5, 2063 in Star Trek canon. The wait for the next seasons of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Lower Decks will be much shorter, though, and we have brand-new trailers for both today, along with that Picard trailer, as part of First Contact Day.

Paramount+ revealed the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's upcoming Season 4, which debuts sometime in the back half of this year. Season 3 premiered in October 2020, so that gives us a rough idea of when to expect it.

Newly-minted Captain Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and her crew, now 900 years in the future, must now figure out how to handle a "gravitational anomaly" five light years across (that's about 18 trillion miles) that could go anywhere, without any warning, and wreak havoc wherever it appears.

While Star Trek: Discovery is keeping it extra serious and dire, we also have a new teaser for Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2, Paramount+'s Star Trek-themed answer to Rick and Morty.

Star Trek: Lower Decks, created by Rick and Morty writer and Solar Opposites co-creator Mike McMahan, is set in the year 2380--after Star Trek: Nemesis, but before Star Trek: Picard--and focuses on the support staff of the U.S.S. Cerritos, rather than the captain and bridge crew that most Star Trek series tend to center on. While Discovery Season 4's release date is pretty vague, Paramount+ says Star Trek: Lower Decks hits streaming on August 12.

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