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Star Trek Discovery Actor Anthony Rapp Wants A Role In Dragon Age Writer's Next Game

"Let me try to ask this calmly. CAN I BE IN IT PRETTY PLEASE?????!!!!?"


Chorus: An Adventure Musical, the first game from Summerfall Studios, is currently seeking funding on Fig. It's very close to its target--it's sitting on 97% at the time of writing, and is on track to get fully funded. The game, which comes from a team headed up by Dragon Age writer David Gaider, is a musical, a genre not often explored in games. Now, one actor has reached out to discuss the possibility of playing a part in the new game, and the folks behind the game are keen to have them on board.

Anthony Rapp, who is currently starring on Star Trek Discovery as Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets, and is well-known for his singing talents in Broadway productions such as Rent and If/Then, has reached out to the team over Twitter. Rapp is excited at the concept of Chorus, and has asked if he could potentially play a role in it.

The official Twitter account for Summerfall Studios and Gaider both responded separately, expressing enthusiasm over the idea.

It looks like preliminary discussions might have already happened, as shortly afterwards Rapp tweeted again to suggest that he might have a role to play in this game if it receives full funding.

The game is set to star Laura Bailey (Uncharted 4, Gears 5) in the lead role, and will be composed by Austin Wintory (Journey). You can secure a copy of Chorus: A Musical Adventure with a $22 pledge on Fig, while the Early Bird tier is still available.

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