Star Trek ConQuest Online Ships

Activision launches its Star Trek: Next Generation online strategy game.


Star Trek ConQuest Online

Activision announced today that its Star Trek ConQuest Online is now being shipped to stores. The online strategy game pits the player, as an all-powerful Q, in a galactic competition against the other members of the Q continuum.

In the game, the Q attempt to conquer opponents' home planets by deploying combinations of the Star Trek ships, characters, and items at their disposal. Each player starts the game with over 150 pieces, including familiar faces from the show like Picard and Riker, and has the option of purchasing or trading for additional pieces. The game pieces have real money value and are digitally secured by the developer, Genetic Anomalies.

Michael Pole, executive vice president of Activision Studios, said, "For the first time ever, gamers will be able to use the familiar characters, ships, and weapons from one of the most popular television series, Star Trek, to challenge fellow Star Trek fans in an online world full of surprises and endless strategy."

The suggested retail price for the game is US$29.99.

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