Star Trek: ConQuest Online Screenshots

Activision has just announced an online Star Trek game, and we've got brand-new screenshots.


Star Trek ConQuest Online

This morning Activision officially announced the development of an online turn-based strategy game based on the Star Trek: Next Generation TV show. The game is called Star Trek: ConQuest Online, and players will assume the role of Q, who has to gather and move collectibles from the Star Trek universe to manipulate the galaxy and outwit other would-be Qs.

"Star Trek: ConQuest Online represents a whole new experience for gamers and Star Trek fans alike,'' says Mitch Lasky, executive vice president of Activision Studios. "The organic nature of the online gaming experience, combined with the depth of content present in the Star Trek universe, promises to deliver compelling scenarios and endless strategies for players to pursue.''

ConQuest Online (not to be confused with Microsoft's Conquest: Frontier Wars) is being developed by Genetic Anomalies and is scheduled to release this spring for only US$29.99. We'll have a preview shortly, but in the meantime, we've managed to compile a few screenshots of the game for you to enjoy.

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