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Star Trek Beyond Actors Think Pokemon Go Is "Upsetting" and "Bizarre"

"It's really upsetting to me."


Seemingly everyone is playing Pokemon Go, but not Star Trek Beyond stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. The Kirk and Spock actors were recently asked about the game, and they said not only are they not playing it, but they find it to be "upsetting" and "bizarre."

Collider asked the stars if they were playing Pokemon Go; Quinto immediately squirmed in his seat and groaned. "Ugh," he said when the interviewer asked the question. You really have to watch the video to understand the extent of his displeasure.

Pine confirmed he is not playing Pokemon Go and talked about the "cultural shift" that occurred after the mobile game's release. "We were in Sydney and we got to London after Sydney and literally within 24 hours it seemed like a complete cultural shift had happened," he said.

Regarding this "shift," Quinto added, "It's really upsetting to me," going on to say, "I'm troubled by it." For his part, Pine said he thinks the Pokemon Go phenomenon is "bizarre."

It's not really clear what Quinto and Pine are referring to, but they might be talking about how people are constantly connected to their phones in search of Pokemon.

The interviewer also mentioned how the video game industry may be on the cusp of a change with the rise of augmented reality games like Pokemon Go and virtual reality devices. Pine added that these technological advancements could impact film, too.

"The content is going to dictate what people are doing," the interviewer said.

To this, Pine said, "It's the death of..." and Quinto jumped in to finish the sentence with "humanity," while Pine said "movie actors, probably." Again, you really have to watch the video to get the full effect.

Star Trek Beyond opens in theaters this coming Friday, July 22, which is also right in the middle of San Diego Comic-Con. Even before the film's release, a fourth entry in the Star Trek reboot series has been announced, and Chris Hemsworth will return for it.

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