Star Trek 4: It's My Favorite Story So Far, Producer JJ Abrams Says

"It really is an amazing story."


Star Trek Beyond isn't even out yet, but a fourth entry in the reboot series has already been announced. Now, producer JJ Abrams has spoken up to talk about how he's excited for the film in part because it's his "favorite Star Trek story that we've had."

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Abrams called the movie's story "amazing." He also said it was good to sign Chris Hemsworth to a deal to feature in the film so soon because "we really wanted that story to be told."

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"So one of the reasons that I'm hoping [Star Trek Beyond] does well is so that we can, without question, get that movie made," Abrams said about Star Trek 4, or whatever it ends up being called. "It really is an amazing story. It's really the reason we made the deal with Chris Hemsworth as soon as we could because we really wanted that story to be told, so fingers crossed."

Hemsworth appeared briefly in the 2009 film as James Kirk's father, George Kirk, before being killed off. Interestingly, Star Trek 4 will see James and George "cross paths" in some manner.

While Abrams, who directed the first reboot film and 2013's Into Darkness, knows what's going to happen, James Kirk actor Chris Pine apparently doesn't.

"JJ hasn't really told me anything," Pine said. "But I'm looking forward to it; I love Chris, I think he's fantastically talented. We had a great time on the first one. … It'll be a blast."

Spock actor Zachary Quinto added, "The great thing about Star Trek is there are limitless possibilities and combinations of story."

JD Payne and Patrick McKay will write the screenplay for the new movie; both are listed as uncredited writers on Star Trek Beyond, which launches tomorrow, July 22. There is no word yet on who will direct Star Trek 4.

Director Justin Lin said recently that Beyond is "very different" from the prior films, and it also features the series' first openly gay character--though not everyone is happy about that. For more, check out GameSpot's review and review roundup.

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