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Star Ocean arriving in US August 31

The long-awaited Star Ocean is finally set to wash up on American shores, and it will sport the same features as the Japanese "director's cut" version.


Square Enix has announced that its much-anticipated and long-delayed Star Ocean: Till the End of Time will see a stateside release on August 31. The North American version of the PlayStation 2 role-playing game will essentially be the full Japanese "director's cut" version of the game, which includes extended cinematic sequences, new game areas, and several multiplayer modes. Star Ocean will retail for $49.99.

Set in a universe where humans and aliens coexist under the Galaxy Federation, the game's story sees protagonist Fayt Leingod on a quest to find his family after a mysterious military force ruins their vacation on the resort planet of Hyda. Till the End of Time is the third installment in Enix's line of Star Ocean role-playing games, and it features fully 3D anime-styled graphics and a real-time battle system that puts players in control of three-person parties.

Square Enix released the game in Japan almost two years ago in late 2002. The Japanese version ran into several problems, namely a series of crash bugs that necessitated a reshipment of the game to stores. A North American release was delayed several times in order to implement what Square Enix calls "the developers’ true vision for the stateside release." Star Ocean: Till the End of Time should be released in Europe sometime this fall. GameSpot's brand-new preview has more on the game.

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