Star Fox Zero on Wii U Release Date Confirmed, Includes Second Game Project Guard

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Nintendo has confirmed the Star Fox Zero release date as April 21 in North America and April 22 in Europe. Project Guard, the Star Fox-themed minigame from E3 two years ago, has also finally been revealed as a standalone project.

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Announced during today's Nintendo Direct, both games will be bundled together at retail for the standard game price of $60. The titles will be available separately as a digital download; the main standalone game will cost $50 while Guard on its own will cost $15.

Project Guard introduces a new character, Slippy Toad's uncle, named Grippy. From the newly released gameplay, it seems to follow the same tower defense, multi-camera setup demoed at the game's reveal in 2014.

No new details were released for the other delayed Star Fox project also demoed back in 2014, Project Giant Robot.

We'll have even more gameplay videos and impressions going up for both Star Fox and Project Guard following today's Nintendo Direct presentation.

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