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Star Fox Zero Launch Trailer Sets Up Big Battle With Andross

Transforming vehicles and multiple paths also highlighted in new Star Fox Zero launch trailer.


Nintendo has released the launch trailer for Star Fox Zero, which will be available on Wii U this week. The video sets up the game's story, in which ace anthropomorphic pilot, Fox McCloud, assembles a team to take on Andross, a primate intent on ruling the galaxy.

The video goes on to show the various transforming vehicles team Star Fox will be using to defend the Lylat System, and we also get a look at how the Wii U's GamePad works with the TV.

To mark the launch of Star Fox Zero, Nintendo is planning to debut a new Star Fox animated short called The Battle Begins. A clip from this was posted on Twitter, and you can see it here.

The Battle Begins will be streamed in full on Wednesday, April 20, at 3 PM PST through Nintendo's website. The video was produced by Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto, alongside Japanese anime and media companies Production I.G. and WIT Studio.

Nintendo has confirmed the Star Fox Zero release date as April 21 in Japan and April 22 in North America and Europe. Project Guard, the Star Fox-themed minigame from E3 2014, has also been revealed as a standalone project.

Both games will be bundled together at retail for $60. The titles will also be available separately as a digital download; the main standalone game will cost $50 while Guard on its own will cost $15. Project Guard stars a new character called Grippy, who is Slippy Toad's uncle.

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