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Star Fox Zero for Wii U Revealed at E3 2015, Shipping this Holiday

Star Fox is back.


During its digital event this morning, Nintendo revealed new gameplay footage and the final title for its upcoming Wii U Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero, coming to the console this holiday season.

Star Fox Zero looks very similar to previous games in the series, particularly Star Fox 64, but Nintendo has introduced a number of features for the game including new vehicles and unique GamePad controls that take advantage of the second screen and motion sensing gyroscope. Where the game provides the traditional third-person view on the TV, the GamePad gives you a first-person view from the cockpit that's intended to provide greater accuracy during combat.

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The Arwing, Star Fox's iconic jet, can now transform into the Walker, a bipedal robot that was originally intended to be a part of the unreleased Super Nintendo game Star Fox 2. Players will also have access to the Gyrowing, a slow, maneuverable vehicle that can drop a small tethered drone to explore tight locations.

According to Nintendo visionary Shigeru Miyamoto, "Zero" doesn't necessarily indicate that the new Star Fox game is a prequel, a remake, or a sequel. Rather, Miyamoto chose the title "Zero" because he appreciates the chinese script for zero, which can be seen on the right hand side the game's logo.

GameSpot's Justin Haywald had a chance to play an early version of the game behind closed doors at last year's E3, and in that early demo, he found that aiming while looking at TV didn't offer "the same level of precision as using the GamePad." He also noted that you should use the TV screen to "get a larger look at the full battlefield and keep track of your fighter when taking evasive maneuvers."

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Stay tuned to GameSpot for more news and impressions of Star Fox Zero as it comes in.

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