Star Fox DS gets new name

Nintendo's official Web site for the upcoming mascot-driven space shooter dubs new game Star Fox Command; release set for late August.


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When Nintendo named the first DS installment of its 3D space-based shooter series as Star Fox DS earlier this month, it appeared the company was tapping into the same well of creativity that produced titles for Tetris DS, Super Mario 64 DS, and Mario Kart DS. Now it appears that the Star Fox DS moniker was only temporary, as Nintendo's Web site now lists the game as Star Fox Command.

Star Fox Command puts players through a branching set of missions in the familiar Arwing fighter. There's also multiplayer co-op and competitive game modes for up to four players on the Wi-Fi Connection, or eight players locally. Co-op mode will also allow a player designated as team leader to plot out a course through the level using the system's touch screen.

Star Fox Command is set for release August 28, according to the Web site. Nintendo reps were not immediately available to confirm the new name.

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