Star Fox Aims for the Top

Nintendo's latest N64 release lays claim to the fastest-selling title.


Nintendo said today that its latest Nintendo 64 release, Star Fox 64, is poised to become the hottest selling video game on any platform in history. Within the first five days, Nintendo reported that sales of the game have reached over 300,000 units - beating the previous records of Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64. Both of those games reached sales of one million within a few months and Nintendo expects Star Fox 64 to hit the million mark by the end of summer.

Nintendo Executive Vice President Peter Main said today that Star Fox 64 has been selling ten times faster than any of the top titles on the PlayStation or PC, including Quake. "With a total of 450,000 units preordered by retailers before the actual June 30 launch, Star Fox 64 represents the largest presale for any game in memory," Main said.

Slipping in a few words about possible "temporary product shortages" of Star Fox 64 later in the year, Nintendo said that several major retailers were astounded by the product's stellar sales.

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