Star Citizen's Single-Player Game, Squadron 42, Delayed Out of 2016

No new release date was provided.


Squadron 42, the standalone single-player game spinoff of Star Citizen, will not be out this year as previously planned.

A delay for the game--which was originally set to be a mode within Star Citizen before being spun off on its own--was announced at the recent CitizenCon 2016 fan event. Creator Chris Roberts described Squadron 42 as having "significantly grown from when it was first pitched in 2012." He laid out the scope of the project and its story and talked about what still needs to be done. Despite what had been said previously, developer Cloud Imperium Games wasn't ready to show off a mission, which he acknowledged as a "bit of a bummer."

He then talked about wanting to do the game right, claiming that the crowdfunding model, which has raised over $127 million, allows it to do so. "We want to do it right. It's really important to do it right," he said. "What we're enabled to do by you guys is to do it right. Because if we were in the typical situation with a publisher, they would say, 'Well, no, you've got to make the Christmas [release] window; you've got to get it out. You can do some patches and the DLC and don't worry about the people who won't think it's quite as polished and it's got a bunch of bugs.'"

This served as a long-winded preface to the delay news. "As much as we wanted to have Squadron 42 for this year, it's not going to be this year. Because from the polish we need to do, it still needs a bit more time." He then promised to show a completed, polished mission "in the near future." He suggested that could happen before the end of the year, but he wouldn't commit to that time frame. He also didn't provide a new date for Squadron 42, which was at one point expected out last fall.

During the presentation, Roberts also detailed future updates to Star Citizen, including the 3.3 update that will add farming, among other content. Later, at the 1:25:20 mark of the video above, a demonstration was shown of the game's procedural generation of planets. This included a segment with a giant sand worm at the 1:54:28 mark.

Star Citizen remains unreleased almost four years after its crowdfunding campaign first began, though modular components of it have been offered to the public. One backer recently received a refund after complaining to California's Attorney General.

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"This included a segment with a giant sand worm at the 1:54:28 mark." yeah sandworms the old trick in the book remember 2016 space game disapointment of the year also showing giant sanworm on it's staged trailers

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It will come out eventually - just keep checking those abandonware sites.

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I have a fear that the game will be technically stunning with rich worlds and content... but not fun.

I want it to be fun. I am a backer too so I want the game to succeed. By the beard of Zeus though, make it f#<king fun!

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@millionsedge: I think Squadron 42 will be fun when it gets here... but the actual MP MMO-esque part of the game...? Looks like just another extremely monotonous space sim to me, really fun in your head but painfully boring in practice. I'd be very happy to be proven wrong, but the SP portion is all I've ever been interested in anyway.

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The Citizen Con demo was a staged tech demo, for the convention. That's all they have - staged demos and jpeg ships.

Con indeed.

Just in August at their Gamescam presentation they claimed 3.0 (jesus patch) was coming at the end of the year. Now its next year and No S42.

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Scam of the century. I'll pass

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I wish there was less behind the curtain stuff on this game. The people developing this game are not charismatic at all... Why do they think we want to hear them speak for two hours. I want to play this game less and less the more I see of the developers and community. Instead of making all of these mind numbing videos and having dozens of conferences please just finish the f---ing game... I understand that they are trying something new when it comes to community involvement since said community is funding this... but ugh...

At this point I'm going to try to forget that it's being made so that I wont be over it by the time it gets here.

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@Genchild: Perfectly stated, start to finish...

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I loved the homestead demo starting at 1h25min....

While seeing I had flash of Dune and somehow the Borderlands...

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Here's me playing Star Citizen in glorious 4K 60 fps:

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No game-play is worth this expense or worth this wait. There's just nothing worth this hassle.

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@malibutomi: Not your expense, the development expense. It's yet to be shown that bigger budgets increase the averge fun, but they do increase development times, chances of delay, feature-creep, dis-enchantment etc...

If you're going to give non-crowd funded games as examples of why large budgets work, then you are essentially saying that crowd-funding is a redundant model.

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@malibutomi: Based on what you just said, we should expect this game to take several more years to release then... and they're already way off their initial mark. Sure it being openly funded/developed means it has more eyes watching it, but they've also consistently missed their own deadlines and schedules, as well as constantly expanded the scope of the game as funding has increased so... that's not helping cut down on the complaints of it taking too long. Seems like it's another few years away too, certainly if they keep expanding it as they have.

I'm not hating on the game or anything, but I think people are well within their right to be taking jabs at the game at this point. Looks impressive but it's all just a series of demos at this point, and the game will never be completed if they endlessly expand their goals as they have been, so I understand the apprehensive mood surrounding this game.

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@malibutomi: You can't meaningfully use non-crowd funded game examples to approve of a unreleased. crowd-funded game.

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I'll wait for a Steam release. Also I'll wait for user comments (to see how many users refund the game) before I buy. Not fussed about release date.

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Scam citizens, after no man's crap this sounds familiar.

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@lonesamurai1: kinda hard to say that when this isn't even out yet. Cart before the horse... Besides, they keep delaying this thing and many of those who funded are suing to get their money back. But you keep crossing your fingers bud.

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@lonesamurai1: Who said he was a console gamer? I'm a PC gamer and will believe this thing when I see it, not before. They have no vision for the final game, they keep expanding it because people keep giving them money that's why it's delayed endlessly.

They need to just make the damn game and keep the extra money they get to make expansions later or even DLC or the f***ing thing will never come out. So yeah, no need to throw your toys out of your pram and lose your fanboy shit just because someone points out the obvious to you.

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@lonesamurai1: I'll talk to who I like, asswipe. Ah... you're one of those clowns who accuses everyone of not being a PC gamer. I bet you're typing your drivel on a potato PC then going online to talk about your 'rig'.

You're a perfect example of why they shouldn't allow children on the internet.

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@lonesamurai1: Why are you so aggressive though? I don't understand why they don't ban comments like yours.

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@lonesamurai1: You're breaking rules when you start calling people "moron" or "d**khead". If someone would have wanted to join the conversation to aport something, he wouldn't have done it because of you. People like you have ruined this site.

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@lonesamurai1: You were the one who made this conversation hostile and abusive. You opened up our exchange by calling me a dickhead. I showed you the same respect you showed me. The general rules of civility and courtesy just don't apply to people like you.

In my experience, people who use phrases like 'console boy' and call out others for not being a PC gamer like that's something special in the great scheme of things are lying through their teeth to appear to be something they're not to strangers on the internet.

You tick all the boxes and I laugh at whatever system specs you pull out of your ass to support your claim. People who have good gear just don't feel the need to brag about it on the net.

If you honestly can't see why @Arkhalipso calls you out for being aggressive I strongly suggest some kind of self awareness and anger management course.

Oh yeah, good luck expecting Star Citizen this side of 2020.

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@lonesamurai1: You summed yourself up much better than I ever could 'I mention my specs because ti be honest I am damned happy about them. They give me a since of superiority over console gamers that I enjoy... A LOT.'

What are you 8 years old? Why are you so insecure that you need to feel imagined superiority over strangers on the internet by quoting computer specs at them that they don't even understand?

As a PC gamer myself I am embarrassed when I read this childish puerile crap from people like you. No wonder we are considered the biggest dickheads on the internet.

And watch that blood pressure, child, it will be the death of you...tick tick tick...

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@lonesamurai1: Maybe because people prefer to just ignore you and move on.

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@lonesamurai1: There is a reason for that. You will find out soon, or in Chris Roberts words: "in the near future".

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Scam Citizen never surprises me.

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@dostunuz: Lol

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I feel like the guys from Frankfurt are the only ones that really make any progress. The American divisions seem more interest in making shiny ships and commercials.

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@babaelc: um....they havent made a commercial in a long time and that was the UK team that did those to learn how to use CryEngine.

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Nice cutscene.

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@nurnberg: not a cutscene dude that will be a camera panning along at high speed in real time and you can tell because if it was just a cut scene it wouldnt have any juddering, no pop in from trees nothing so yeah its all real time and amazing

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@psionacles: "will be"

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@so_hai: Right? The naive, trusting devotion would be heartbreaking... if it wasn't so funny.