Star Citizen's First Completed Star System Now Has Its Own Cloud City

Star Citizen's Alpha 3.14 update has completed the Stanton System with a luxurious new location to explore.


As Star Citizen's development continues, the game's latest update has resulted in its first star system being completed. With the release of Alpha 3.14, the Stanton system has added the Orison landing zone and headquarters in orbit around the giant gas planet Crusader.

The luxury location may look like an homage to Bespin's Cloud City from Star Wars, but it's legally distinct enough to escape the notice of Disney with its collection of shops, facilities, and volumetric cloud technology on display.

Developer Cloud Imperium added that the update adds a wide array of new gameplay systems offering even more control over their ship's performance during combat. Other additions to the game include a new user interface for missiles via operator mode, power management options for pilots, more radar abilities, and the Taurus variation of Constellation cargo ships.

Finally, there's are new PvP dynamic event called Ninetails Lockdown that pits Stanton Station security against pirates, and further improvements to the returning XenoThreat dynamic event.

Star Citizen has had almost a decade of continuous crowdfunding since it was first announced, with its public pledge page showing off almost $380 million in funds raised over the years. Cloud Imperium has also been developing a single-player story game called Squadron 42 for years now, which features the voice acting of Mark Hamill, Andy Serkis, and Gillian Anderson.

2020 proved to be the biggest year yet for the long-in-development game as it brought in about $77 million in new crowdfunding revenue, which Cloud Imperium raised through investors and the sale of pledge packs. These packs usually contain things like ships, other in-game items, and insurance, usually for a hefty price.

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