Star Citizen: Watch A LOT Of New Gameplay Here

Here's a closer look at Alpha 3.0.


Star Citizen came to Gamescom 2017 in a big way. Developer Cloud Imperium Games announced a wicked cool-looking real-time facial animation system for the game, while the studio also gave a presentation during which a lot of new gameplay was shown. If you missed the broadcast or want to see it again, the video is now online and can be seen below (via Kotaku).

The video shows off Star Citizen's upcoming Alpha 3.0, which, among other things, adds persistence to the world which means the damage your ship may contain will carry forward when you play. The gameplay video (skip to around 9 minutes) starts with the character waking up from sleep on a ship before going out on a mission, driving across alien landscapes. Also on display in this video is the new facial animation system, which tracks your facial movements and tracks them into the game in real time.

"We'd like to thank our backers for their support, and our devs and QA testers for all their hard work on the presentation," developer Cloud Imperium Games in an email.

"Events like Gamescom are a great way for devs and backers to come together to discuss and celebrate Star Citizen. The excitement and enthusiasm is not only inspiring, but also a welcome reminder of why we're all working so hard to deliver the best damn space sim ever."

Star Citizen's Alpha 3.0 update was supposed to come out in August, but it's now scheduled to launch in early September. Cloud Imperium Games said it found some stability issues and needed to delay the alpha's release.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in history, bringing in more than $157.9 million in backer contributions by the latest count.

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