Star Citizen the top crowdfunded project of all time

Upcoming space sim from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games surpasses Pebble Watch with $10,701,217 and counting.


Star Citizen

Over the weekend, upcoming space simulator Star Citizen from Wing Commander Chris Roberts surpassed the Pebble Watch to become the number one crowdfunded project of all time, developer Cloud Imperium Games has announced.

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The Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble Watch ended in May 2012 with $10,266,845. Funding for Star Citizen currently stands at $10,701,217 and counting.

"That’s a record you should be proud of. But we're just getting started!" Cloud Imperium Games wrote.

Funding for Star Citizen on Kickstarter closed in November 2012 with $2,134,374. Cloud Imperium Games continues to accept funds through its website.

Star Citizen has been in development at Cloud Imperium Games for more than a year. The game itself includes a "sophisticated storyline" that is set in a persistent online universe.

According to Roberts, it will fuse elements of his previous games, Wing Commander and Freelancer. Support for the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift is planned.

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I am extremely skeptical of how long this game will last. Most of the money they raised was not from simple pre-orders of the game, but from players buying "pay to win" advantages such as additional ships, lifetime free replacement ships when shot down, removing all risk from pvp and letting them gank others with impunity. I believe this game will be graphically beautiful, require a computer that God himself would have to make payments on, and be reduced to a neanderthal gankfest by the pvpers.

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@Jager5 As an original backer to Star Citizen, I should clarify "my" position for supporting this game. I have not supported the game in order to get lifetime insurance on a ship (BTW, lifetime insurance only covers the hull, not the upgrades, weapons nor cargo. We still have to buy insurance to cover those things.) I bought the game because I wanted to support this type of game. I've wanted this type of game to be made again for a very long time, but with the never ending list of FPS's constantly being spit out by the industry, it didn't look like that was going to happen any time soon. Just look at the numerous articles online and on gamespot about what publishers have claimed. Such as many of our favorite RTS classics being remade not as RTS's, but FPS's (Syndicate anyone?). Or 2K claiming RTS's just aren't "contemporary anymore"? (Really? Then explain Rome II). Quite frankly, I am so bored, sick and tired of FPS's that if I didn't see another one for a very long time, I wouldn't break a sweat.

Here's a question for you. Have you ever had the thought go through your head, thinking of a game you loved from the past, "Man I really want to play a game like that again, if I had the money I would pay someone to make that kind of game again!"?

Well I have many times when thinking of types of games I've loved over the years that simply don't get made anymore by the big publishers. Such as Homeworld and Homeworld 2, Wing Commander, Descent Freespace and Freespace 2, Freelancer, Nexus: the Jupiter Incident, System Shock 2 (not the dumbed down Bioshocks), Master of Orion II, Final Fantasy games (before they became crap) and many other types of games I would love to see again.

So when Chris Roberts (the guy who made several of my favorite games of all time and someone in the industry I truly respect) came out and said he wants to make a privateer style game (I loved privateer) on the PC, but the "Monkeys in Suits" won't support him because as the monkeys have claimed in the past, these games are "only for hard core gamers" (fans of System Shock 2 would find this remark all too familiar and angering, thank you EA for your renowned short-sightedness), so he needs to fund the game via crowdfunding. Well I respect Chris Roberts. I love many of his earlier games. He's one of the few people I could trust would finish what he sets out to do and not take the money and run. And as I asked you earlier, I have had that very thought go through my head quite a few times. So instead of just sitting and griping about how the "Monkeys in Suits" won't make the games I want to play anymore, I put my money where my mouth is and pledged my money towards the development of this game.

For the record, I did not give my money to this game for the bonuses. (Yes they are nice, but not by any means game breaking and I'm sure Chris will put contingencies in place to ensure it doesn't give pledgers an unfair advantage. If you've played any of his previous games you would understand why I believe this to be true.) I gave my money to this game, because it's the kind of game I really want to play. I can't speak for everyone else, but as for me, I pledged to support a game "I want to play". Not to get "bonuses".

Avatar image for PeejayYeh

@bignick217 @Jager5 I also supporting this game because I "want" this game. This game must be developed and released for the world to play it. I am supporting it for all of us.

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Scepticism is healthy but i don't think your current grievances are just.

This game will be free to play. Although you can buy ships now you cannot buy anything more than what you can get with in game currency, "pay to win" is relevant when you can gain an advantage otherwise unobtainable through in game currency.

They are making it customisable about how much you interact with other players. It can be entirely single player or run your own servers.
Also twitch based gameplay is different, i played freelancer and eve online. I hated the later for the ganking because it was out of my control, freelancer was not like that.

My concern is that the game will not have enough variety in the systems. They run the risk of being like EvE having to many systems that are all essentially the same, by biting off more than they can chew

Avatar image for Jager5

@bob3terd @Jager5

SC will most certainly NOT be free to play. Those who have not pre-ordered will have to pay retail price to get in, though there will be no subscription fee (at this time). Players may purchase additional ships and other upgrades, including lifetime insurance, which as I mentioned above replaces their ship for free when they are shot down, giving them a huge advantage over those for whom death in the game holds an actual threat. That is pay to win, or more technical, pay to lose less. Which is really all a griefer cares about.

The problem with every game of this nature is that pvp is not optional. Those who do not enjoy it, who are frankly sick of it, will have it forced upon them, or they will be forced to play offline. I would never deny pvp to those who wish to engage in it, but you know, some of us DO like the idea of a deep, beautiful space sim where there are OTHER ways of interacting with players other than shooting them. But CR himself has said he intends this game to "encourage" players to pvp. It is designed to make any other role impossible to play to its fullest without pvp.

Here, this explains it better than I can.

Options are a good thing. It sucks that a game this beautiful is lacking in the most fundamental options of multiplayer gaming.

Avatar image for Dexyu

@Jager5 @bob3terd just Ctrl + f4 when your in trouble and disconnect

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@Jager5 @bob3terd You might want to go back to the RSI website and re-read the information about Lifetime Insurance. Again, not a pay-to-win function. Insurance is in the game, and is paid for using in-game currency. It will need to be renewed on either a 1 or more MONTHS basis. So, not at all paying to win. This is a pay to SUPPORT feature, allowing those excited about what Chris Roberts can do, to support the development of the game. Remember, this is crowd-funded. But this feature doesn't provide any competitive advantage over other players.

Being that you can host your own server, and control those who play with you, I'd say your EVE-like PVP concerns are unfounded.

Avatar image for bob3terd

@Jager5 @bob3terd Ok its the gw2 model whatever that is. The only possible advantage is lifetime insurance but it does not replace all that was lost only the base cost for the ship nothing more. Also player run servers will not have this, only the one run by Cloud imperium.

Secondly the amount of interaction with other players is adjustable ingame. Also in lawful space killing some one makes them fair game for anyone around, including killing their pilot not just their ship. And the instances you are put in are essentially match made based of pvp experience and alignment etc.

PvP is optional as firstly you do not have to use the persistent server you can host your own, you are not forced to go into lawless space. You can play squadron 42 after the campaign is ended with drop in drop out co op without pvp.

You are judging this game by the faults of EvE which i agree are annoying. They however have stated they are designing this game to avoid ganking or griefing. This game is twitched based your success/failure is based on your skill, not their lvl.

Also please don't patronise me just because i don't agree does not mean i do not see your position. Also encourage does not mean force.

Avatar image for spikepigeo

I am stoked about everything related to this game. From the constant updates the team is giving us to the game itself to the massive slap in the face it represents to greedy publishers that spend more money on marketing than development itself.

CR and his team is showing the world that if you can prove you are creating something amazing then people will throw money at you.

Screw pitch meetings in sterile boardrooms with bloated suits that understand spreadsheets, not games.

This is how you make a PC game.

Avatar image for PeejayYeh

@spikepigeo Nailed it, pal! ;D

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

PC brethren , don't forget to visit RSI website . Today it will be 24 hour live stream and launch of new website , CIG is also going to reveal more info about SC/SQ 42 . Visit this link to see countdown .
Avatar image for solartiger

@Cloud_imperium 404 Not Found

Avatar image for Darkwalker75

@solartiger @Cloud_imperium

There is heavy server load right now as everyone are trying to log on.

Wait an hour or two and things should hopefully calm down a bit

Avatar image for keeperdude07

Star Citizen will be the Crysis of the next generation (and not just in graphics).

Avatar image for _Roo_

@keeperdude07 If you mean the first Crysis and not the two crappy console games that came after I will agree.

Avatar image for M3SS3NG3R

They say that no one cares about space sim any more, and PC gaming is dead...

Now we know they are all idiots. Next stop: Falcon 5!

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@M3SS3NG3R We knew from the very beginning but now they received bitch slap .

Avatar image for Darkwalker75

@Cloud_imperium @M3SS3NG3R

I wonder how long it will take before EA decides to try and jump on the space sim bandwagon with some half baked console ported space sim game.

Avatar image for eagleeye007

@Darkwalker75 @Cloud_imperium @M3SS3NG3R If memory serves EA used to have an MMO that was an Eve ripoff that had to fold because it was losing them a ton of money. Maybe they'll just stick to Star Wars and leave the realistic space games to people who know how to do them.

Avatar image for Darkwalker75

@Cloud_imperium @Darkwalker75 @M3SS3NG3R

It would be Wing Commander 6 in that case.

Wing Commander Prophecy was the 5th, but it was a crappy game with cartoonish graphic, even WC 1 was better.

I sure hope he can get the money to buy back WC at some point.

If SC becomes a major success, he should be able to make enough to get it back.

I would not mind if he uses some of the money from SC to get back the IP for WC, but AFTER the release of SC of course.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@Darkwalker75 @Cloud_imperium @M3SS3NG3R I won't be surprised if they come up with Wing Commander 5 after success of Star Citizen but it won't be WC without Chris , just like it's no MGS without Kojima San . However Chris said that it will be very stupid to leave my baby and plans to buy Wing Commander IP from EA at some point .

Avatar image for Vojtass


Avatar image for h3rb

@Vojtass 315P for me. The Lexus of space exploration! I can't wait for the Hangar Alpha (next month?).

Avatar image for Vojtass


It's beautiful.

You won't find such games on MS or SONY conference.

Long live PC gaming. PC 4 life! :)

Avatar image for Snakepond1

God bless Wing Commander.

Avatar image for AlphaWolF_J

Hardly surprising this game has real talent and some great innovative ideas

Avatar image for Hurvl

Space, the final frontier. This shows that space-sim fans are more wealthy/fanatic than all others and are willing to take Star Citizen where no crowd-funded project has gone before, financially speaking.

I'm more looking forward to Project Eternity and Torment: Tides of Numenera, the most funded video game Kickstarter projects.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

The Witcher 3 and Star Citizen are true next generation games .

Avatar image for Hurvl

@Cloud_imperium Lol, I was wondering what you would say about this, since you share the same name as the developer. Those games are both very ambitious and anticipated to say the least. although they don't share much else.

Avatar image for TheSkyrimStatue

Tom McShea : 7.5

Avatar image for Hurvl

@TheSkyrimStatue 7,5 is a really good score, don't know why people are criticizing Tom. If he gave The Last of Us a 9.0/9,5, there would be other people who would criticize him for inflating the review score.

Avatar image for sireltonjohn

@Hurvl @TheSkyrimStatue No. Last of Us deserved better and everyone pretty much knows it.

Avatar image for sireltonjohn

@CptJohnnyRico @sireltonjohn @Hurvl @TheSkyrimStatue So does Skyrim

Avatar image for CptJohnnyRico

@sireltonjohn @Hurvl @TheSkyrimStatue the last of us wasn't even a game, it was just a very long movie, it deserves a 7.5

Avatar image for sireltonjohn

@Hurvl @sireltonjohn you make a fine point. But keep in mind that we are all just giving our opinion of his review...and from the sounds of it I'd say he scored a 3.0 ;-)

And if it was just "one person's personal opinion", that would be one thing. But his opinion represents all of Gamespot as that's how it will be represented to the masses. In other words, not "Tom gives TLOU 8.0" but "Gamespot gave TLOU an 8.0". It's more than just a single opinion regarding the bigger least that's how I see it. It carries weight, effects sales, etc.

So yes, he got blasted because the majority disagree. Well that's kind of par for the course in his line of work. And if somebody out there only buys games that are 9 and above (I realize that would be an ignorant consumer, but hey lets not pretend that they don't exist) then man, they are going to miss out on possibly one of the best games ever made.

It really is a masterpiece. Maybe not a 10, nothing is perfect, but they really made something special and I just wish Tom's review would get a second opinion. That's all.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@sireltonjohn It's good to know if some reviewers regularly deviate from what you personally think about a game, because a review is an opinion. If Tom's opinions don't match with yours, you probably shouldn't trust his reviews very much.

I'm just annoyed that people attack him, because he gave the game The Last of Us a very good (although not great) score. He's just one person, give it a rest people. If he thinks it deserves 8.0, that's just his opinion. It's neither wrong or correct, because opinions about games are never wrong or correct - they're simply opinions.

Avatar image for sireltonjohn

@Hurvl Well the only thing Tom accomplished for me is that I won't take his scoring serious ever again. So if he scores this game, I won't use it as a resource for helping me decide whether or not I should make the investment.

Avatar image for Hurvl

@Cloud_imperium @sireltonjohn @Hurvl @TheSkyrimStatue Hopefully, there is some kind of counter effect, what with people's outrage at him only giving it 8.0. Perhaps there are enough people who think Tom is a wanker for dishonoring The Last of Us the way he did. To get back at him, they'll buy the game just to prove him wrong (or whatever). That may be enough to balance out the number of people who believe that 8.0 means it's a shitty game not worth buying, because *one* reviewer said so. People who can't think for themselves and believe everything one other person (a complete stranger) says are hopefully not in the majority.

Avatar image for sireltonjohn

@Cloud_imperium @sireltonjohn @Hurvl @TheSkyrimStatue Yeah. I played that game from start to finish which I haven't done in a long time. I even started becoming bored of games in general. TLOU was really a masterpiece. Sure it had its flaws which he did a good job pointing out, but the score needed to be a 9 at minimum.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@sireltonjohn @Hurvl @TheSkyrimStatue I am a PC Gamer but I think you are right . TLOU deserved better , one can't say "it's his opinion" . Sometime this opinion can hurt game sales .

Avatar image for popegtr

time will tell if it was worth paying for it or not. I save my 30$ until I see it working. I wont ever support kickstarter.. I will pay only for finished polished project I find worthy paying for.

Avatar image for h3rb

@popegtr And Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and all the other big companies that stomp on their devs' dreams will thank you for it. Have fun in Call of Duty 72.

Avatar image for julzeverne

¡sexy spaceship is sexy!

Avatar image for poromenos

This game impresses me much more then any next gen games that have been anounced so far, i must say i want to play witcher 3 also, but this is the real leap forward.

Avatar image for lilmcnessy

The last good space sim was Freelancer so I have high hopes for this.

Avatar image for blackothh

X3 is my second favorite space game behind freespace 2. I have high hopes for this one and X Rebirth.

Avatar image for Ross_Cole

I contributed in the beginning, forgot how I heard about it, but at the time I had just reloaded X3.

Avatar image for jo8n3645

playing freelancer now. cant wait for star citizen

Avatar image for Scarshi

I miss playing games like Freelancer.

Avatar image for lbrown01eb

I cant wait for this game. I just hoped it doesn't disappoint.