Star Citizen's Dogfighting Module Now Available to Backers

Those who have made the necessary pledge can now check out the game's Arena Commander module.

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It took slightly longer to reach a state Cloud Imperium Games felt comfortable with, but the dogfighting module of Star Citizen is now available.

Currently in version 0.8, the dogfighting component--known as Arena Commander--is far from finished, and is only available for download for qualified backers. It includes the Vanduul Swarm and Freeflight modes, and three ships: the Aurora, 300i, and Hornet. Those whose pledge doesn't entitle them to access to one of these will be granted a "loaner" to whichever one is closest to the class they've pledged for.

Limited multiplayer support is present right out of the gate for a "small number of players." Today's announcement notes that the developers will work to deal with lag and synchronization issues as they come up, and will provide more players with access to multiplayer "in the coming weeks."

"Remember: V0.8 is just the beginning. It's the start of a hard push for the development team as we head towards V0.9 and finally V1.0, at which point Arena Commander will be 'feature complete' with the modes, maps and options promised at PAX," the announcement from creator Chris Roberts states. "By the time V1.0 drops, we aim for the entire community to have access to the multiplayer game modes!"

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An extensive manual detailing game modes, controls, the UI, and more has been released today alongside Arena Commander, as has a list of improvements planned for version 0.9. These include more mundane (but hugely important) things such as improved stability and bug fixes, in addition to new features like an extra multiplayer game mode and more weapons and items.

Today's message from Roberts acknowledges that some fans would like to see Cloud Imperium release content even earlier than it already is. However, with fans acting as quality assurance testers for the game, he explains that it wouldn't be logical to do so.

"Normally in game development you have staged testing," he says. "When you have a build that already has far more issues and instability than can be easily fixed, it's inefficient to open it up for quality assurance testing as you consume a lot of extra management and team bandwidth sifting through the issues, many of which will already be known and be duplicates of previously reported issues, or issues the team just can't get to because there are higher priority problems that have to be addressed first. Once the build becomes more stable and has most of the intended features in place, you then open it up to full QA to really hammer on it and find issues that aren't immediately obvious or provide gameplay feedback now that the game isn't crashing every five minutes."

It makes sense when explained in this way, but what makes now the right time to finally open up Arena Commander to the public? "We're releasing today because we feel the game is at a point where it's stable enough to go out to a wider audience," Roberts says. "That's not because it's done, but because it's ready for testing on a bigger scale. There are still plenty of known issues we're working and there are likely many you will discover that we haven't seen yet."

Star Citizen is being funded by fans, and has raised more money than any other project--of any kind--to turn to crowdfunding. It recently surpassed an incredible $44 million in funding, and is steadily approaching $45 million from more than 460,000 backers.

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Well finally got the time to try it out, what can I say it is AWESOME! Granted it's still pre alpha and it has more than it's share of quirks which makes me even more excited to seen the final release. Really love the dogfighting feels like a reasonable mix between I-WAR 2 and Wing Commander.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

Haven't you checked the news yet Gamespot?

Because they did not made 3 or 4 millino in a week, with the failed AC release (curiosly they made more millions in the past with the release of that poor Hangar thing), they had to add a new ship sale in the weekend to raise their number again in the same way, getting money from the same addicted and brainwashed people.

Nice play CIG. Desperately trying to hide the real results for a failed release, at least, that could work for their fans obviously, or people that are unaware of the status of this project.

Each new release their numbers just grow slowly. That definitely means something. Poor release after poor release, showing that they can deal with the overhyped machine that they created.

"Thank god we have our pay wall with the ships behind and a bunch of fanatics that always want to buy whatever thing that we release" - CR probably says internally.

Avatar image for llong187

<< LINK REMOVED >> Did Chris Roberts beat you up in high school or something? Your obsession with this game is getting scary. The last three post were you basically talking to yourself.

You post negative thoughts on every Star Citizen article and the scary thing is, you copy and paste them word for word across multiple sites. Regardless to what you feel about this game, your behavior is highly obsessive and outside the range of normal. Because of that no one here will ever take you seriously and see you more like that weird guy who holds up a sign saying "The end is near".

I really think you should just let this game go and never speak it's name again.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

The curious thing is that when it is a matter to explain delays, CR and others claimed that they are "releasing the game in modules, but this is the game, that will grow in time and will be always under development"... They also said that people would get something much more above a pre-alpha state, when explaining a new delay, and that they would get a game "akin" of a full game like World of Tanks.

And finally, after constant new delays and bugs, he started to say again that it is pre-alpha or alpha.

It sounds to me that Star Citizen always have an excuse ready for everything that they do. And their fans buy that and spread these excuses around the internet.

Meanwhile, ED is released in Alpha or Beta state, in a great state of fun and quality, no missing deadlines and showing respect to the clients, even getting almost 40 times less money than the CIG team got.

Now, in who you will trust? In who delivers, or in who tell good tales depending of the occasion and situation, sometimes one tale contradicting the previous tale.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

ED wins: << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for 4blizzard

For two days now I've been all over the forums trying anything to get pas the "loading" screen. It's comforting to know I'm not the only person having issues with logging on.

So far I'll just take everyone who can log on's word for it.

Avatar image for ponymilar

I finally was able to play it. The Vanduul Swarm mode.

The game is not bad... But all those details that they put in the ships, all the polishing and so on, seems more important when you see ships in the Hangar, not in the space.

The dogfigthing is bascically all the time, you against circles, that when locked create more circles and you barely can see anything inside that circle unless in a rare moments when those Vanduul approach and you have a blink of something inside, that you can't really figure out too much its form.

It seems that the only way to see how a Vanduul is, is only in Hangar or in that holographic view of the target, that is just a representation of the real thing.

Star Citizen a game that were delayed due a necessity of been super-polished, but the only that you fight are squares, retangles, circles and more circles, with different colors.

Meanwhile some obstacles appear magically in front of you without alert and you have your ship destroyed :D

That's not cool after the third wave where you spent half an hour to destroy all those fancy circles.


I don't know. When I look to the ED videos, I can see that people are fighting against ships. In SC, only thing that I can see are colored circles. Something is not right with the SC design.

I just wonder what happened with that talking of "hitting" some specific parts of ships to board them. I wonder how is going to be that if not just by luck, since you barely can see anything besides big and large colored circles.

Avatar image for sirchick

@ponymilar hitting specific parts of ships is not included in the DFM. Far too early an alpha for that. Perhaps after some DFM updates they will add it. Also the hud displays are to be changed. They weren't even completed because from PAX east people didn't like it the HUD display and all the circles.

I think they kept it in though for this release just to get something out there.

Heck even the rocks floating in space do not more. Eventually everything will be moving independently making flying a lot more difficult to avoid obstacles from stray objects etc.

Avatar image for McNeelyJ39

This makes me feel like flight sims are coming back. Pretty excited, just wish I had a PC that could run this or a good joystick peripheral to buy for consoles if this comes to consoles.

Avatar image for holtrocks

<< LINK REMOVED >> Chris Roberts has said I am paraphrasing here but " I will not dumb down my game so it can run on inferior hardware " I can guarantee you Star Citizen will never come to consoles.

Avatar image for ponymilar

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Congratulations! With your "proud quote" you will win more people looking to Star Citizen with more criticism. Nice way to "spread the word". Do it more please.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

<< LINK REMOVED >> They claim that are not going to release for consoles. If happening, and by the way that they talk, that would be almost impossible, because they are not willing to accept the kind of deal that they consoles offer to developers, would happen very later after the release.

This situation of a "PC that could run it" is basically one of the major reason that this game will have some difficulty in terms of sales and popularity.

Space Sim is a niche and they are going to get only a niche inside a niche due that. But that is not a critic. Just a fact. If you agree or not with this strategy, it depends, but probably the majority of the population would prefer that they were able to play it in lower machines. But, not happening, indeed.

Avatar image for Trickymaster

<< LINK REMOVED >> Do you really believe that there are some people who have hundreds of accounts??

Avatar image for slackadacka

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> That guy probably does. He's already posted from different accounts on this page.

Avatar image for reilly303

<< LINK REMOVED >> you sir are a complete t*i*t !!! And you dont deserve any explanation of why i think that, if you want to know, just read your own comments again!

Avatar image for GSyyjeager_titanyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh look, Sally Spammer is at it again.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Oh look... The CIG marketing team woke up.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sure like the sound of your own voice (so to speak) don't you.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

Just saw a thread in the CIG forums of a person willing to know how to get a refund. A big list of fanboys came and start to ofend the person. Worst than that, many of them simply started to lie about CIG "not giving refunds".

It seems that the fans does not like of disappointed people, but they love the money of them.

True is that CIG is giving refunds when people asked them, at least when people present the right reasons, like "Kickstarter broken promises" for example, since to avoid more serious issues, CIG obviously try to protect itself from major problems with the law, by refunding people immediatelly when they ask for it, after all, they changed the deal due their own wishes to promote itself more.

But it is impressive how these fanboys act, and more impressive that all the time the threads like that are opened in their forums, they, or disappear quickly, and never a Staff member come to clarify that CIG actually refund people when they ask support.

That's a serious deceptive attitude. CIG should be more clear on that. They would win more respect and trust, but instead, by this attitude, they seem to want people falling in the mistake to think that they do not have right of a refund, keeping the "legend of not refundable" grow up for their own interests, ignoring how you win on trust, when you assume a transparent position focused on customer satisfaction. It is also a marketing. Probably a best one that they have been using.

Avatar image for humanji

<< LINK REMOVED >> No different to any other fanboys on any other forum. They rant and rave and moderators just ignore them. It's been happening since the dawn of the modern internet.

Avatar image for billlabowski

<< LINK REMOVED >> I guess the words "pre-alpha" completely escape you. They're going to run into problems. This is so far from a final product. If you don't like what you see, wait about a month after the final game releases. That way, you can experience Star Citizen and Squadron 42 just as Chris Roberts wanted you to see it. Until then, stop complaining, and go to the forums with your problems so the team can put that on their very long list of things to fix, break, fix again, break again, fix again. It's game development, it's not easy. And the only way this game will work is if people are play testing it.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Your comment has nothing to do with what I said. Have you replied to the right comment?

But this "pre-alpha" thing is bs. They delayed this whole thing by 6 months to deliver something much more polished. In December they told that would prefer that, "because there are eyes on them, willing them to fail". Fail? They had twice the money needed to make the game and keep the servers, according with them, and then, they come and say that have fear to fail. Weird.

And even CR told that it would not be a traditional alpha, or "pre-alpha" when delayed one more time its release. He told that people would get a game akin of a full-game in quality, and compared that with a full and successful game like World of Tanks.

This talking about "pre-alpha" and "alpha" after saying what they said before, and considering all the delays just to release something that is not even 10% of all the features that the game is meant to have, is a really bad excuse.

Avatar image for rofeta

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Having a fear to fail is a perfectly non-weird emotion to have, especially when you have a game built on the most successful crowd funding campaign yet, coupled with a very grand scope for that game.

Avatar image for tommen_stark

Many people at this point have not been able to even download and install correctly the thing. I suppose that they cannot use the excuse of PBR or "Cry Engine sucks" here.

Unable even to provide a proper download system and a proper installation.... that's simply lack of competency. I suppose that in some years, as soon as these trainees learn how to code things correctly, CIG customers are going to start to get a game.

Avatar image for nemesis048

<< LINK REMOVED >> I Was able to download, install, and was destroying ships in less than 2 hours with no problem.

Almost everyone had no problems with this.

Also: CR delayed the module for so long to rewrite the back end code, something they intended to do later down the line anyway.

The found themselves staffed and funded enough to do it sooner and not end up with a bunch of throw-away work in doing a module on the old backend code that they'd have to re-do later.

He did this with approval from the backers.

I Don't know what sour grapes you are runnung with tommen_stark, but it's obvious you have an agenda

Just as obvious as the half-truths you are spouting.

Avatar image for mkeezay22

Now that the first module has been released (and is awesome BTW) I have high hopes for SC, and I think they are doing a great job, game looks, plays, and runs great, I can't wait for some ground missions when they do the PS2 module.

Avatar image for Karmazyn

I love the arena commander, the graphic and level of details is amazing. I do not get decoupled mode though, whats that about? I also need to get my head around the radar as there are some NPC enemies who appear from nowhere and shower me with fire of doom. Apart of that the game dogfighting module is really great. Its a shame that I cant fly my 325A but 300i is equally awesome. I hope that I will be ablet o mount guntling guns in the final version.

Avatar image for predatorGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> In the end, you will be able to fit every gun on every ship (as long as it's the right class of course). Decoupled mode lets you strafe (move sideways, no turning or rolling), however, that only works with keyboard (use q and e to move up and down like an elevator). HOTAS doesn't support it yet.

Decoupled will also make the ship turn faster, but will cause blackouts.

Avatar image for predatorGS

Already more optimized compared to Watch Dogs. I have trouble with WD on high and no trouble with SC on very high (and it looks better than WD on max)

(gtx 770 windforce, i7-3930k and 32gb ddr3-1866)

Avatar image for sirchick

<< LINK REMOVED >> WD was not made with PC in mind. SC is with PC only in mind. This is why WD is slammed so far and i don't blame it. WD was so boring.

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

<< LINK REMOVED >> WD is terribly optimised.SC should run better.

Avatar image for Karmazyn

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> exactly, the game runs great, 10 times better than full release Watch Dogs, where is patch Ubisoft?

Avatar image for tommen_stark

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It is not fair to compare a full release with a tiny thing that is Arena Commander that hardly represents 10% of the whole Star Citizen game, at least in the current status.

The things can become worst for SC with more things added. Or can become better if they be able to optimize the whole thing.

Let's see.

Avatar image for predatorGS

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah it is, software which is pre-alpha is badly optimised most of the time. For SC to be at this stage is very impressive.

Dog fighting module made the game run faster for me. (compared to the hangar module).

Let's see.

Avatar image for kevinvegda

Do people really believe that they've been making JUST THIS for more than a year? They're working on every part of the game, people, but just focusing more on this right now because they wanted to release arena commander. Usually with AAA games, you wouldn't even hear about a game at least 2-3 years after they start development. It's awesome that they've already progressed enough to release the different modules, even the pre-alpha version.

Avatar image for Hurvl

<< LINK REMOVED >> Some people disregard any reasonable arguments and really go overboard with accusing Roberts of this and that. A project this massive is gonna take some time and it doesn't make sense to release stuff early if it's awfully bad. Their kickstarter ended in nov 2012 and that's a while ago, but Star Citizen is on MMO-scale and that can take 5 years to complete.