Star Citizen reaches $41 million in funding, now getting procedurally generated content

Upcoming game from Chris Roberts continues to soar.

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Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, continues to soar. The game has now pulled in an astonishing $41 million in lifetime funding.

That's up from $40 million less than a month ago. A total of 417,219 people have backed Star Citizen so far. According to Roberts, this proves that the PC space sim genre is not niche.

Now that funding has reached $41 million, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games will add procedurally generated content to the game. Should funding hit $42 million, the developer will add a "Galactapedia" to the game.

Star Citizen is already the most successful crowdfunded project in history from a dollars perspective, easily surpassing the next closest competitor: the Pebble Watch ($10 million).

To put Star Citizen's new funding milestone into context, Epic Games revealed in 2006 that development on the original Gears of War cost $10 million, while Tim Schafer's 2008 action game Brutal Legend had a budget of around $25 million.

Star Citizen is due to launch in full sometime in 2015.

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