Star Citizen Passes $74 Million

New funding milestone achieved for the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts.

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Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space simulator "first-person universe" game, has reached yet another funding milestone. Less than two weeks after hitting $73 million, the game's crowfunding campaign has now crossed $74--and it's halfway to $75 million.

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At press time, total Star Citizen funding stands at $74.49 million. A total of 767,718 people have backed the project to date. Star Citizen is already the most successful crowdfunded project, of any kind, in history.

All additional funds raised for Star Citizen will towards expanding the scope of the game.

If funding continues at this pace, the game could eventually raise $100 million as its creator Chris Roberts' hoped it would. Just last week, Roberts said, "I don't think we're close to the addressable market" in terms of how much room the game still had to grow.

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