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Star Citizen Passes $250 Million In Crowdfunding

The new game from Chris Roberts is continuing to soar.


Star Citizen, the ambitious PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, has reached yet another significant funding milestone. The game's public funding page shows that Star Citizen has eclipsed $250 million in funding since the campaign began all the way back in 2012.

$9 million alone came in during November, which makes it the biggest month ever for funding in Star Citizen's history, according to PC Gamer. The uptick in support for Star Citizen no doubt surged due to the hype leading up to the game's fan event, CitizenCon, which took place at the end of the month.

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CitizenCon brought a lot of big news about Star Citizen, including the announcement of the newest planet, microTech, and a new 20v20 multiplayer mode for Star Citizen's FPS game, Star Marine.

In other news, Star Citizen is free for everyone to play through December 5 as part of the game's latest "Free Fly" event. This event allows players to fly every ship in the game (of which there are more than 100) instead of only a limited selection like in previous Free Fly campaigns.

Star Citizen supporters can spend money on things like ships and ship upgrades, as well as various subscription packages and extras like ship and weapon skins, among other things. The game, which spans a single-player campaign, a persistent, shared multiplayer universe, and a head-to-head PvP game, is playable in various stages of development for backers.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in the history of crowdfunding. The game started its life on Kickstarter back in 2012--where it was enormously successful--before launching its own website to continue accepting funds from fans. The game originally had a $500,000 funding target, so the $250 million it's made now is 500X what it originally asked for.

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