Star Citizen: If Funding Hits $50 Million, Developers Will Create Their Own Alien Languages

Cloud Imperium Games will work with real-world linguists to create "distinctive and realistic" languages for the game's three biggest alien races if funding milestone is reached.

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If funding for Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts' upcoming space sim Star Citizen reaches $50 million (and really, it seems like it will), then developers at Cloud Imperium Games will create their own languages for the game's three major alien races.

"We will work with real-world linguists to create distinctive and realistic alien languages for Star Citizen's three biggest alien races, the Vanduul, the Xi'An and the Banu," Roberts said in an update to the game's website. "No universal translators, no garbled animal noises: Star Citizen's aliens will be speaking their own authentic languages!"

Earlier this week, Star Citizen crossed $48 million in funding, with the campaign currently standing at more than $48.1 million from close to half a million total backers.

In addition to revealing the $50 million stretch goal for Star Citizen, Roberts gave a general status update on the game. Developers are currently fixing bugs responsible for the rubber-banding issues currently affecting the dogfighting module, Arena Commander, he said. The team is getting close to finding the source of the issue.

"They have narrowed the issue's introduction down to one of eleven possible change lists," Roberts said. "It can't hide from us much longer! We are adding additional debugging tools and metrics while homing in on the problem, and we're currently digging into possible differences between remote and local simulation of ship movement which could lead to the jumping."

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