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Star Citizen Hits $72 Million, Up $2 Million In Two Weeks

The crowdfunding campaign for the PC space sim from Chris Roberts just keeps on climbing.

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Rocketing even further, the crowdfunding campaign for PC space sim Star Citizen has now reached $72 million, up by $2 million in just two weeks. If funding continues at this pace, it appears creator Chris Roberts' plan to hit $100 million will indeed come to fruition, and sooner rather than later.

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Funding currently stands at $72.1 million from close to 750,000 backers. Star Citizen is already the most successful crowdfunded project in history. That's for any project, not just a video game.

All additional funds raised for Star Citizen will towards expanding the scope of the game.

In recent Star Citizen news, developer Cloud Imperium Games has released more than six hours worth of video detailing the game's wormholes, persistent universe, and much more. You can watch all of the videos here.

For more on Star Citizen and Roberts himself, check out part one and part two of GameSpot's interview with the legendary designer.

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