Star Citizen Has Hit Another Ridiculous Crowdfunding Goal With $300 Million Pledged

Chris Roberts' long-in-development space game continues to draw huge pledges and break records.


Star Citizen has made more from crowdfunding than any other game ever, and that number continues to rise. The game hit $200 million in crowdfunding during November 2018--and now, less than two years later, it has hit $300 million. The game, from Chris Roberts (Wing Commander) and Cloud Imperium Games, was originally pitched as a follow-up to Freelancer, and has grown in scope over time.

At the time of writing, the current live stats on the game's funding goals page show that the game has raised $300,644,967 from 2,713,206 fans, meaning that the average pledge is about $110. At the rate it's going up, it's likely to have increased by the time you read this. The game's stretch goals, listed on the page, top out at $65 million.

The game has received funding beyond this, with investors also giving the developers quite a bit of money. Jumping into Star Citizen requires a pledge of at least $45 for a Starter Pack.

Back in 2017, Star Citizen brought in $35 million, which seemed enormous at the time. The game, which is still being worked on, recently hosted a free-to-play period throughout May 2020, so everyone could see what several hundred million dollars can buy you. A beta is meant to be

Cloud Imperium Games was recently taken to court by Crytek, over breach of contract and copyright infringement claims relating to single-player spin-off Squadron 42. A settlement was eventually reached.

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