Star Citizen Has Been Purchased By Over 1 Million Players

Of the four million accounts, 1.7 of them have purchased a game package.


Star Citizen has sold a sizable amount of copies according to Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts' CitizenCon 2952 introductory speech. In fact, 1.7 million players have purchased the game.

"Today there are just over four million accounts with 1.7 million accounts of them having purchased the game," said Roberts.

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Roberts went on to say that the average number of daily players in 2022 was 50,000, with a peak of 130,000 players happening several times during the year. "But the amazing stat is that the average player who logs-in in 2022 is three hours a day," Roberts said. "Back in 2017, it was just 48 minutes…and from there it's just been increasing."

Registering for a Star Citizen RSI account is free, but players do need to purchase game packages to play the alpha--the cheapest being $45.

The ambitious space game has raked in a staggering amount of money through Kickstarter in its 10-year-long development period. As of September 2022, Cloud Imperium Games raised over $500 million, with nearly $100 million donated during the last 10 months.

The single-player campaign, Squadron 42, has been long anticipated. The original targeted release date was 2020, but as of October 2022, a release date has not been announced.

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