Star Citizen Features Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson in Its Campaign

Oldman plays Admiral Bishop in the upcoming PC space game.


Today at CitizenCon, the annual fan event dedicated to PC space game Star Citizen, developer Cloud Imperium Games announced a celebrity cast for the game's single-player campaign. Actors appearing in the campaign, Squadron 42, include Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, John Rhys-Davies, and Gillian Anderson.

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Oldman plays a character named Admiral Bishop; take a look at his in-game character model above. Click through the images in the gallery to get a behind-the-scenes look at the motion-capture process.

He is no stranger to video games. Most recently, Oldman lent his voice to the bad guy, Lord Vortech, in Lego Dimensions. The veteran actor also portrayed Viktor Reznov in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In addition to the actors mentioned above, Squadron 42's impressive casts includes people like Andy Serkis, Ben Mendelsohn, and Mark Strong. Check out all of the actors confirmed so far in the image below.

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The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen started three years ago today. To date, Cloud Imperium has raised close to $91 million. A release date for the final version of the game has not been announced.

What do you make of the Squadron 42 cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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Additionally, there's a free flight period til October 25th where you can try out all the ships that are hangar ready:

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Now we know where all the money went :D

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For those interested, there is a code to try StarCitizen for free with every Ship unlock until October 25th!


Furthermore, by using the link below for your registration, you will have 5000 credits IG bonus :

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I bet a large portion of that funding went into the A-list actors pockets.

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@isshiah: there's only one A-list celeb in that list (sorry mark hammil) and you are greatly over estimating how much these kind of jobs pay (hence why they are going on strike) they put aside 5 million for voice actors(it was one of the stretch goals)

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is this game out or not yet? i remember hearing back in 2014 fanboys saying it was already finished but here they are talking about this like its not even started yet?

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Yeah .2030 deadline is great !!

Will get of for my ps7 or Xbox next one one .

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@lulababy: That's awesome, by then you're an adult and can play it.

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Boy the trolls and fanboys sure are active whenever Star Citizen is mentioned. At least it's a good break from the console wars.

Avatar image for normanislost

@ratchet200: the pointless haters are the real funny ones

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You know when anything big happens there are always nay-sayers, i'll be honest, i haven't given Star Citizen a single dollar, or any other Kickstarter for that matter, i have a few EA games on Steam and that's enough for me to realize, while some of them being good games, i'd rather wait for the final product.

Either way, i'm rooting for Star Citizen, there are always going to be people saying 'no' to something that tries to set a new standard for gaming, maybe it will fail, maybe it won't, i'm giving it my honest hopes, i want it to be good, if it is all of gaming will benefit from it. I don't get people dogging the game, but, haters gonna hate.

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Just sayin..

Avatar image for normanislost

@guitarman86: careful with that kind of logical view on game development, the haters will try to smite you down

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Jim Gordon and Luke Skywalker!

Avatar image for ABIBASS

@ABIBASS: and smeagol

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@ABIBASS: And Dana Skully.....

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Haven't really kept up with the game much, but I think this is cool. Always nice to see recognizable, professional talent. I didn't put any money towards the crowd funding, so I am not really up and up with what's going on with the game, but I will reserve judgement until it releases. I do like the ideas floating around for the game, so if they can deliver them, should be a good game.

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HOLY. HELL. Ben Mendohlson, Gary Oldman AND Luke Skywalker in a game! ...but if it plays like Elite, ehhhhh.

Avatar image for Rusteater

@notaniceman: SC combat is extremely boring and simplistic. There's no mass to any of the craft. They flit about like hummingbirds. You have no sense of flight whatsoever. It's a simple point and click interface designed for mice. It's not a true space sim, just an arcade shooter. In Elite your craft actually have mass and you have a true sense of flight. Using a HOTAS is a joy in Elite. In SC, it's a burden, something no true space sim would do.

Avatar image for abram730

@Rusteater: It's the only space sim other than KSP.. I don't consider Elite isn't a space sim as there is no sim too it. In SC every thruster is calculated and based upon a true physics simulation. Elite is just an arcade flight model. If you like Elite better fine.. That is your opinion, but what you said wasn't true. Flying in space is different them flying in the atmosphere.. It's not like WWII in space. SC has 6 Degrees of Freedom and HOTAS can control 4. It's sort of hard to nail in a screw. Right tool for the job is important.

Avatar image for Rusteater

@abram730I assume you're a late backer. SC was pitched as a return to old school space sims like Wing Commander and X-Wing. Chris Roberts actually used the term WWII in space in describing SC combat early on. The current physics model being used is crap. The G-forces pilots are being subject to would turn a human being into jelly. It's not at all realistic. The control (IM) and flight model are exactly like Freelancer, the game that killed space sims. Freelancer was a essentially a child's game where you could not even use a HOTAS or any other stick. It was only added later as a mod. Using IM in SC, you're able control 4 axis with a 2 axis controller. Hardly a space sim. The game plays like an FPS or turreting in space. All you need to do is move your reticle over your target on a screen and click. That's not piloting a ship, that's pointing and clicking. No thought into flight maneuvers, simply a click to kill mechanic that gets excruciatingly boring over time.

Elite has it right. They've nailed down a great flight model that allows thoughtful engagement with a HOTAS setup. Elite is most certainly not an arcade game, far from it. It has a deep flight model mechanic that's engrossing to play and takes some actual skill to master. You have full 6DOF, I use it all the time especially when docking. Those maneuvering thrusters are mapped to the throttle hat on the x52 pro. You can switch to uncoupled mode by turning flight assist off.

Using a HOTAS in a space sim is the right tool for the right job. Ever seen the cockpit of the space shuttle? No mouse in there. They use a joystick.

Avatar image for abram730

@Rusteater: "SC was pitched as a return to old school space sims like Wing Commander and X-Wing."

He pitched raising the bar and doing what hadn't been done before.

"Chris Roberts actually used the term WWII in space in describing SC combat early on. The current physics model being used is crap."

Chris roberts explained that is was a sim and a large group of people proclaimed the opposite that it was arcade shooter. Gimbals were there in the first pitch and the physics based flight system was explained. Some people are just retarded. They literally invert what people say and spread that across the internet.

This is the original pitch video

He explained the flight model from the beginning. He said he was going for immersion and that both graphical fidelity and an accurate physics based simulation are important to make this more than just a game.

"All you need to do is move your reticle over your target on a screen and click."

A good pilot will not follow a predicted path. That calculation for the pip is only accurate if you continue on the same vector. Pointing pip at the target only works if that pilot doesn't know how to fly. That is maneuver evasively, and in terms of skill attacking while being evasive is a difficult skill to master. There are more maneuvers available with this system, not less. Many HOTAS systems are missing analog directional thrust for 6DoF often requiring the use of wheels or voice commands to perform certain maneuvers. I for one use HOSAS as it has the needed number of analog axis. Also stick was intended to use head tracking for gimbaled weapons and the VR headsets aren't out yet.

Elite has an arcady flight model and doesn't have a proper and complex simulation. The simulation is a single point in space with no offset to thrust inputs. constrains your angular velocity to a common reference frame. This constraint on your ship cannot be disabled and is particularly restricting yaw to make combat feel like WWII atmospheric combat in space. That simply isn't as immersive to me and is one reason people get bored with it. You end up in a turning contest.

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@notaniceman: SC dosnt play like Elite, for starters combat is a bit faster.

Avatar image for jtrousd

@UnderdogSMO: A truly magnificent illustration of how the two games differ from one another.

Avatar image for normanislost

@jtrousd: well he did say "for starters"

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

It's fluff, who gives.

All this tells me is that the project was dramatically overfunded. I dont give 2 shits about hollywood plastic people, just make a good game.

Avatar image for abram730

@Richardthe3rd: Hopefully it will hit 150 million in funding.. I'd say underfunded. More!!

Funders voted for this with their money and in the actual votes. Funders want the best damn space game ever.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@abram730: I'll stop being cynical. Honestly I hope it turns out to be a great game and I think it's really ambitious.

I just don't like how games are getting mired with all this expensive cosmetic stuff, but you're right. Funders voted with their wallets and they're getting what they wanted, so it's just my perspective, which doesn't mean much at the end of the day.

Avatar image for abram730

@Richardthe3rd: Lots of non cosmetic stuff being done if you are interested.

Here is a list of some core Cryengine work they have done for example.

Containerized Services vs octree is discussed here in the video without getting overly technical.

Avatar image for DKRises

@Richardthe3rd: Overfunded? Lol... Please go look at the amount of money used to fund other AAA games. More like underfunded.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@DKRises: You start using A-List actors, I start questioning what you're doing with the cash.

Who cares at the end of the day though, right? Not like they answer to me. Maybe it'll be cool having Gary Oldman tell me I'm the chosen one this time around. He does know how to deliver his lines...

Avatar image for Pierce_Sparrow

@Richardthe3rd: Gary Oldman plastic? That's a first. He's one of the best actors Hollywood has to offer. At least their doing SOMETHING with the extra funding people have given them.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@Pierce_Sparrow: He's not plastic, he's a great actor who makes great movies and what I said was more of a generalization.

I don't see why a game needs great movie stars in it. I've never understood why.

Avatar image for normanislost

@Pierce_Sparrow: it's not even "extra" this was a stretch goal, so in other words they are spending their actors budget on decent actors

Avatar image for Megawizard

Gillian Anderson continues her search for Cosmic Galactic Radiation closer to the stars :D

Avatar image for tomanon

Oh my God, that article was real...Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong...that's more A list Hollywood actors than most blockbusters..., no wonder people were saying they've only got 5% of the budget left, they must have literally dumped $50M+ on the cast alone...

Avatar image for Wintermist

@tomanon: You know, what they save the most on is marketing, that is a huuuuge chunk they don't have to pay for. OH and examples maybe:

The Witcher 3, $82 million development cost.
Metal Gear Solid V, $80 million development cost.
Watch Dogs, $68 million development cost.
Crysis 3, $66 million development cost.

Taken from

This was development cost, on top of that you put the marketing cost which is often close to the whole development cost, and sometimes a whole lot more than it cost to make the whole game.

Maybe now you can guess what can be made with Star Citizen, currently sitting at $92 million, and still rising. It will continue to rise during the whole development time. All of this goes purely into the development, not marketing expenses at all.

So, does it still look so bad to you?

Avatar image for screecwe

@Wintermist: "This was development cost"

This is incorrect. That wiki page has mixed known segments of budgets that were for development, with total budgets of games with unknown dev costs.

Basically, unless you see a number under "Marketing Cost", then the number in the Development cost represents the entire budget. Even then, looking at some of the ones that specify marketing costs are dubious.

So in actuality, this affirms your point even more.

Avatar image for Damnation_6

@tomanon:They have 230+ people working on the game I'm pretty sure that is more costly then a few actors of for a video game. Besides this isn't the same as a blockbuster movie...these actors where probably not cheap but didn't cost millions per actor either. They shot for like 90 days total.

Avatar image for naz99

@tomanon : DeRP.

The actors were a $5 million stretch goal at the very beginning of the funding.........they have now taken another 85 million+ ontop of that.

Being correctly informed on what you comment on is truly the scourge of the modern gaming world.

Avatar image for Wintermist

@tomanon: You ARE kidding, right?

Avatar image for jansdman

They better have triple A voice actor for the ****ton amount of money that ******* people gave them. For the sake of mankind I hope this game is good because if not I will do a selfie literally doing a ROFLMAO.

Avatar image for notaniceman

@jansdman: I'm with you there

Avatar image for Mogan

@jansdman: And you doing that would be devastating for mankind?

Avatar image for schmollian

Malcolm McDowell or no sale.

Avatar image for Barighm

@schmollian: Game is fun or no sale. They could use dancing cats for all I care, so long as it's fun.