Star Citizen Creator On The Game's Growing Funding

"I love the idea that people can support a game that wouldn't probably be made by a big studio."


Star Citizen's crowdfunding campaign has been a massive success, bringing in more than $148 million by the latest count. The game's creator, Chris Roberts, never believed the crowdfunding effort would be anywhere near that successful.

"My expectation was that we'd raise around $4 million," Roberts told The New York Times. "I had investors lined up to help with the rest but Sandy, my wife, told me not to worry about investors--that we'd make it to $20 million. I told her she was crazy, and then it kind of went from there."

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The game has not been without controversy. With the ballooning budget, the scope in turn has increased, resulting in delays. Some parts of the game are playable, but the full title has no release date. In 2016, developer Cloud Imperium Games refunded a backer $2,500 after he complained to California's Attorney General.

Speaking to NYT, Roberts--who has said Star Citizen is the most ambitious game ever made--acknowledged these concerns and said, "I'm already building the best game I can."

"But imagine--the game I can build with $140 million is going to be very different to the one I could build with $10 million. If I can build a bigger and more robust experience, I will," he added.

Also in the interview, Roberts said Star Citizen "doesn't fit the blockbuster video game mold" and might not have been possible through a traditional publisher relationship.

"I love the idea that people can support a game that wouldn't probably be made by a big studio," he said.

At press time, Star Citizen funding stands at $148.8 million. You can read the full interview here at NYT.

In other Star Citizen news, Cloud Imperium has released new footage of Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill's character--watch it here.

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