Star Citizen Blasts Past $48 Million In Funding, Makes $1 Million in Three Weeks

Crowdfunding campaign for Chris Roberts' upcoming PC space sim reaches yet another milestone.


Star Citizen
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The crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, continues to soar. The project has now reached a staggering $48 million in total funding, up from $47 million at the end of June.

To put that figure into context, Double Fine spent about half that--$25 million--to make 2009 action game Brutal Legend. At press time, funding for Star Citizen stands at $48,073,377 from a total of 498,342 backers.

Star Citizen's original Kickstarter campaign attracted $2.1 million in 2012, meaning the overwhelming percentage of support for the project has come since then. Roberts often writes a new blog post on the game's website for every new million dollar milestone, but he has yet to do so for $48 million.

Should funding reach $49 million, Star Citizen backers will receive the Xi'An Space Plant, which is described as being similar to a bonsai tree. More than 250 people are currently working on Star Citizen, and developer Cloud Imperium Games recently hired someone to fill the role of Director of Persistent Universe.

After a slight delay, Star Citizen's new dogfighting module was made available to backers in early June.

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