Standard-issue Pacific Assault lands in stores

EA reinforces last week's release of Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Director's Cut with the grunt's standard version.


Following the early arrival of the "director's cut" of Medal of Honor Pacific Assault on store shelves last week, EA today announced that the standard version of the game is now available. Developed at EALA, the PC WWII first-person shooter follows Marine Tommy Conlin from the attack on Pearl Harbor to victory at the battle of Tarawa Atoll--and covers all the subsequent shooting, bombing, shelling, and hand-to-hand combat. The standard version of Medal of Honor Pacific Assault retails for $49.99, and the director's cut, featuring historical documentaries and making-of footage, sells for $59.99. Both "T" for Teen-rated editions contain the same actual game, which has already been reviewed by GameSpot.

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