Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl Dev Reopens, Announces New Game

GSC Gameworld is back in business.

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GSC Gameworld, the developer behind the Stalker games, has reopened and is already developing its next game.

Speaking with, GSC Gameworld's Valentine Yeltyshev didn't have much to reveal about the new project other than it will appeal to fans of Stalker, and that it will be a full price game. Apparently, it's also going to use the assets and engine GSC Gameworld was working on while developing Stalker 2 before the studio shut down in 2010.

"We're pretty sure about our fans. The market we're in is quite old fashioned, they're not 16 year olds, they're 25-40 years old," Yeltyshev said. "We don't think free-to-play is the right model for the game we want to make. So we're making an old-fashioned, full price game, we think our audience will be happy about that."

Yeltyshev also didn't say whether the new game will be called Stalker, the rights for which have been in dispute recently. Last week, developer West Games, which claimed to be made up of former Stalker developers, announced a crowdfunding campaign for Stalker Apocalypse. West Games previously tried to crowdfund a similar project called Areal, which caused a fair bit of controversy itself.

"I don't really know enough about them, but the story is quite funny," Yeltyshev said. "These guys were basically promoting themselves as being the STALKER team, that they were working on STALKER, but that's not true." He explained that the developers at West Games were actually working on a flash-based browser game related to Stalker that never saw the light of day, but never the Stalker series proper.

Since GSC Gameworld closed in 2010, some of its developers went on to 4A Games, which develops the Metro series, and Vostok games, which is currently working on Survarium.

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