STALKER 2 Update Teases New Art, Music, And Twitter Account

"Time's money, get talking."


There isn't much to say about STALKER 2 at this point, to be honest. But the fact that the game's official website has been updated with new key art and music is enough for fans, like myself, to get hyped up. In addition, the project launched its own Twitter account (@stalker_thegame) which it says will be used to share news and "interesting content" for the franchise. As for the music that plays on the site, it's a three minute(ish) creepy, foreboding ambient track that fits the series' often terrifying post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

STALKER 2 was revealed to be in the works when the site went live back in May of last year--at the time, it simply featured the game's title painted onto a concrete background with the number "2021" clearly implying that the game won't be around until then. The team behind the original entries, GSC Game World, is heading up STALKER 2 as the company's own site says it is currently in development.

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GSC Game World has been through a lot since releasing the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and the two follow-ups Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. Plans for a full sequel began in 2010 with the hopes of hitting a 2012 release, but was eventually cancelled. The studio remained relatively quiet, but released the strategy game Cossacks 3 in 2016.

For those unfamiliar with STALKER, it's a first-person shooter and survival horror series loosely based on the Russian novel Roadside Picnic and movie Stalker (1979). It's set in an alternate reality where another nuclear disaster hit the Russian nuclear zone of Chernobyl. The story takes supernatural turns as you uncover the mysteries of the Nuclear Exclusion Zone alongside other stalkers, who are rogue hunters and scavengers in "The Zone." STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl was one of the best games of its time despite having a lot of technical bugs; you can read more about it in our list of great games from 2007.

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