STALKER 2 Announced From Original Devs, But Won't Come Anytime Soon

Get out of here, Stalker!


It appears that a full sequel in the STALKER franchise is in the works as confirmed by series developer GSC Game World. A website cropped up ( and the official GSC Game World website states that the game is currently in the works. The game's site simply has a dark concrete background with "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2" and "" painted into it, likely indicating that this game won't be around until another three years.

The STALKER 2 title has been on a sort of rollercoaster ride; in August 2010, GSC announced the game with a brand new engine and plans to launch in 2012. Despite studio struggles and facing an uncertain future, GSC said in December 2011 that it was going to continue development. However, the project was cancelled in April 2012. GSC continued to be fairly quiet, putting out the real-time strategy game Cossacks 3 in 2016, but it seems that STALKER 2 is back from the dead with this announcement.

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Ukranian developer GSC captured a unique feeling of danger, horror, and survival in nuclear disaster zones with its three releases in the STALKER game franchise. These first-person shooters had their share of technical issues, but challenged players to put more thought into approaching combat and moving around its open world. STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl was the first entry in 2007, and it was followed by a prequel subtitled Clear Sky in 2008 and a follow-up subtitled Call of Pripyat in 2010.

STALKER is loosely based on the Russian novel Roadside Picnic and movie Stalker (1979), and is set in alternate reality where a second nuclear disaster took place in Chernobyl. Its story takes a few supernatural turns as you uncover the mysteries of the Nuclear Exclusion Zone alongside other stalkers, who are illegal hunters and scavengers in "The Zone." We consider STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl one of the best games of 2007, which you can read more about in our list of great games that turned 10 last year.

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Go check GSC'c CEO facebook - he is posting nazi-supporting shit there.. sick moron omg.

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All three of those games sit, still in the plastic, on my shelf...I've never gotten around to getting started on them.

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STALKER, one of two games I loved enough to play again with Mods.

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That doesnt indicate anything. People thought that same thing when the original Metro was announced.

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Wow. Long time, but hopefully it's worth it. I remember trying to load the first STALKER and it eating my computer's lunch. Fantastic atmosphere.

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Holy shite now i can die in piece.

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2021 is far away!.

otherwise BEST DAY EVER!!

Sequel to one of the best game ever made.

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Thank the cheeki breeki Monolith! Yesssss!

Long way off, but still : )

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However late the game may be slated for, these are especially good tidings upon the delay of Metro Exodus.

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It's no worse than Square announcing FF remake 10 years in advance and not giving us any info in the next 5

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Holy ****! Best news in a long time. SOOO over due.

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For ****'s sake, just give the rights to Crytek or failing that, put the IP up for auction. At this point, even Bethesda would be a better owner for STALKER than GSC Game World. In fact, Bethesda would be the second worst owner for the STALKER IP, with GSC themselves being the absolute worst.

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As glad as I am to hear it, this was announced way to soon.

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Get out of here stalker

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@attirex: what were you expecting from a stalker?

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(millennials eating artisanal pickles and instagramming who weren't born when first STALKER was released are confused)

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@attirex: well I wasn't alive when Stalker came out but I sure did my homework of watching it... IN A THEATRE. Thank you artsy cinema in my city

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STALKER was one of those games I loved and hated. Great atmosphere, creepy enemies, open world, etc. But man it was a buggy mess, and more. I sure hope the next one is more stable.

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If it can live up to the last few releases then I am most certainly excited. What they would be able to do with a modern engine would be incredible (Storms always gave me the chills, but with a higher fidelity to them that experience would be amazing).

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I could only hope this would turn out like the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Call of Pripyat.

I would really like for this to turn out to be an awesome release.

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Stalker? @asnakeneverdies sounds like your type of game snake haha.

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@gamingdevil800: You're right to think that, Monkey.

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That developer is now a shell of the team that made those old games. This will either be vaporware or a major disappointment...

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@gameboy8877: That wouldn't exactly be uncharted territory for the franchise. : p