Stacking adding on The Lost Hobo King

THQ, Double Fine expanding quirky puzzler with downloadable pack on XBLA, PSN in early April.


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Earlier this month, THQ confirmed that Double Fine would be stacking more content onto its downloadable title Stacking, but the details of that announcement didn't add up to much. That changed today, as THQ said that gamers can expect Stacking's first add-on, The Lost Hobo King, to be available through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in early April.

The Lost Hobo King continues the story of chimney sweeper Charlie Blackmore, who in the original game set out to rescue his family from the Baron, a nefarious industrialist. The new storyline sees Charlie venturing to the hobo kingdom of Camelfoot, where he hopes to assist his friend Levi in securing the hobo crown for his uncle, Rufus.

In this case, playing with dolls is Double Fine.
In this case, playing with dolls is Double Fine.

Gameplay will be in line with the original Stacking, where Charlie will accomplish his tasks by stacking into larger-sized dolls in order to gain their unique abilities. Charlie's options include more than 15 different dolls, all of which have new abilities in the add-on pack. The Lost Hobo King also includes new achievements and trophies.

THQ did not reveal pricing information for The Lost Hobo King. For an idea of what to expect from the expansion, check out GameSpot's review of Stacking.

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