SSI to Publish The Moon Project

The Learning Company secures the rights to TopWare's upcoming 3D real-time strategy game.


The Learning Company has announced that it will publish TopWare Interactive's The Moon Project in North America under the SSI brand. The story behind the upcoming 3D real-time strategy game takes place concurrently with the events that transpired in Earth 2150. The Eurasian Dynasty, the Lunar Corporation, and the United Civilized States (UCS) are fighting to survive on the surface of the deteriorating Earth, but a secret research project is discovered on the moon. The UCS sends a fleet of spaceships to the moon to investigate the project in the hope that it will hold the key to their survival.

The game features an enhanced 3D engine that supports real-time lighting, 3D terrain deformation, particle effects, greater degrees of zoom, and a realistic fog of war. The Moon Project also adds a variety of new units, structures, weapons, and technology to the Earth 2150 universe. In addition, a map editor lets players design and play their own scenarios, as well as customize the behavior of units or script their own storyline using the new "Earth C" script language.

For more information about The Moon Project, visit the official TopWare Web site. SSI will publish The Moon Project in March 2001.

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