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SSBB officially bumped to February 10

Nintendo exec confirms hotly anticipated brawler's delay to 2008; promises to double last year's holiday Wii shipments.


SAN FRANCISCO--High atop San Francisco's Westin St. Francis hotel, Nintendo is hosting a media event where assembled members of the press will soon get to play such forthcoming titles as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and even Link's Crossbow Training.

Before turning the throng loose to play, Nintendo senior vice president George Harrison gave a brief address on the company's general state of affairs. Following the announcement yesterday of a Super Smash Bros. Brawl delay in Japan to January 24 of next year, Harrison confirmed speculation that the hotly anticipated multiplayer fighter will now release in North America on February 10.

Harrison went on to emphasize the full Wi-Fi multiplayer support in Brawl, as well as a feature for user-created content that the company will elaborate on in the coming months.

Before turning things over to the games, Harrison commented on Nintendo's position at retail for the holiday shopping season. He said that the company expects to have at least twice as many Wiis in the retail channel this holiday season than it did last year, which will hopefully alleviate the problems many people are still having finding the console on shelves.

GameSpot is at the media summit, so expect much more Nintendo coverage to hit the site very soon.

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