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Squid Game Is Netflix's Most Popular Series Launch Ever

Squid Game reached more viewers over its first four weeks than any other show in Netflix's history.


Netflix's Squid Game has surpassed Bridgerton to become the streaming platform's biggest series launch of all time. More than 111 million people watched at least 2 minutes of the show over its first four weeks, Netflix has announced.

That is well ahead of Bridgerton's Season 1 record of 82 million views and ahead of The Witcher's 67 million views for its own Season 1 premiere. You can see the top 10 below.

By Netflix's metrics, a view is counted when an account watches a piece of content for 2 minutes, so we don't know how many people watched even one episode or the entire series. Still, this is how all Netflix shows are measured, and Squid Game came out on top by a big margin.

Squid Game is a Korean survival drama about a group of people who are brought together to pay off their debts by taking part in a series of deadly games.

Creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk told Variety that he came up with the idea for Squid Game in 2008 when it was conceived as a film. However, Korean movie studios refused to finance it due to its violent themes.

Netflix Top 10 TV Series All Time Based On First 28 Days (at least 2 minutes watched):

Via MarketWatch

  1. Squid Game -- 111 million
  2. Bridgerton, Season 1 -- 82 million
  3. Lupin, Part 1 -- 76 million
  4. The Witcher, Season 1 -- 67 million
  5. Sex/Life, Season 1 -- 67 million
  6. Stranger Things 3 -- 67 million
  7. Money Heist, Part 4 -- 65 million
  8. Tiger King, Season 1 -- 64 million
  9. The Queen's Gambit -- 62 million
  10. Sweet Tooth, Season 1 -- 60 million

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