Square opens beta test for online biker-gang game

Bakusou Yankee Damashii, the online game focused on Japanese motorcycle-gang members fighting for territory, is now in open beta testing.


Bakusou Yankee Damashii

Square Enix has opened beta testing for Bakusou Yankee Damashii, an online RPG for the PC involving an old-style Japanese biker gang. The beta client requires that players have a system with Windows 98 or higher, at least a Celeron 466MHz, 128MB of memory, 900MB of hard drive space, DirectX 8.1, and a GeForce2 MX graphics card or better. The client can be downloaded from the official site, or its affiliate, ForGamer.net. It's necessary to register on game's official site and get a beta ID before playing.

The beta testing will be open from May 23 to June 27, but the server will only operate from 5pm to 5am JT during the first week.

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