Square Enix will reveal the 'Future of Final Fantasy' on June 11

The future of the long-running Final Fantasy series will be revealed by Square Enix during a pre-E3 event; senior vice president Shinji Hashimoto will be present.


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Developer and publisher Square Enix has announced that it will reveal the future of the Final Fantasy series on June 11, Destructoid has reported.

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In an invitation sent to media, the company announced plans for a Final Fantasy event to be hosted on the morning of June 11, simply labelled with "The Future of Final Fantasy."

Following the presentation, senior vice-president and Final Fantasy brand director Shinji Hashimoto will be present for a Q&A session with media.

Earlier this year, Hashimoto announced a new Final Fantasy game in development for the PlayStation 4. He did not share any details about the game, but told fans to "please be excited for E3 this year."

The company also showcased its Luminous Studio engine on a technology demo titled "Agni's Philosophy."

Speaking about the demo, Hashimoto said it resembles what the developer is hoping to create in the next generation of games.

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