Square Enix wants to bring Final Fantasy games to PC

Final Fantasy series producer says Square Enix is 'very interested' in bringing console-exclusive series to PC.


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The Final Fantasy series may have a future on PC, series producer Yoshinori Kitase has revealed.

Speaking in a recent interview with Eurogamer, Kitase stated that the early stages of development for the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy saw the team working on PC, before porting the game to consoles.

The producer revealed that while it was an option for Square Enix to make a PC version, the team ultimately "decided against it". Kitase cited the "market situation" and "complex issues like security" as reasons why a PC version of the game did not go ahead.

However, the recent release of Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 on digital platform Steam proved to be successful, renewing the company's interest in the platform.

"It's an early stage for us," Kitase said. "We haven't got an awful lot of experience in this field. So when we have more know-how and experience in this market, we would be very interested."

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was released earlier this month. The game marks the final instalment in the Final Fantasy XIII universe, and concludes the story of protagonist Lightning.

The newest entry into the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV, was announced last year. The game has been confirmed for a PS4 and Xbox One release, but Square Enix is reportedly undecided on releasing a PC version.

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I bought XIII and XIII-2 on Steam, will probably buy LR as well. I prefer these games on the PC with a decent USB controller, really, more easily modded.

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It's really exciting to see what they've put out. They also need to release a FF I, IX, X, X-2, and a FF VII Remake. Everyone should email them and give their support. Square North American Email: support_na_cs@square-enix.com Final Fantasy games have a unique anime art that often spans traditional fantasy and modern sci fi styles, heartwarming story, classic turn-based combat, and huge amounts of play and replayability. For many game collectors, they are a worth edition... but to collect every classic console to have the original versions of Final Fantasy games is often impractical. These downloadable / Steam Cloud releases modernize their product and help them ensure their legacy.

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I just want FF XII on PC, then I'll be happy. I just absolutely LOVE the combat system in XII so much. Better than any of the other FF games .. ever. Period.
Please, come on Square. GIEV ME

Avatar image for Lykanthropie

If you are not afraid about some "know how" about PC gaming, its absolutly the best platform you can play games on.

But who really wants FF13 on PC? - the game was extremly bad, and FF7&8 only sold because the real ports don't run anymore - The Steam releases are also not really good, to sad its the best version you can play so far.

I just don't care any more about SquareEnix , they wre great in 90s, but everything about gaming was great in the 90s, just another company going the mainstream way.

Bring a new great Final Fantasy with great story, not the crap we saw in in the last games.

Avatar image for Sesheenku

Hell, I'll actually give 13 a try if you do SE. I heard how awful it is but I'm willing to grin and bear it if it's just waiting to be played on Steam.

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I've been waiting for a PC release of this.

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Avatar image for lord4eyes

wish they would of skipped releasing VIII. was probably one of the worst in the series just above 13-2 and LR. story was beyond dumb and the battle system was completely broken.

Avatar image for XxParasite

<< LINK REMOVED >> But it already had a PC version, so it was a simple and easy release. Better to release it than not, since someone other than you might want it.

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final fantasy steam pack, bring it on

Avatar image for MassDeparture1

give us 6 9 10 12 15 on STEAM ASAP

Avatar image for thehig1

Final fantasy 3 is already out, I'm tempted but when final fantasy 4 comes out ill buy it so hard

Avatar image for HayanNinja

Despite having bought it twice on PS2 and once on PS3, I would probably buy FFX yet again if they ported it to PC. Anything else, no thanks (though I would accept it being an FFX/FFX-2 combo pack).

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I think bringing the FF games to PC would be a great idea. Not only would it sell well with those who are already fans of FF, but also with those who have not had the experience due to not being able to afford the necessary consoles. More people are likely to own a laptop as they are more affordable and thus sales would surely increase tenfold. As for myself, I simply love the games and would buy each and every one of them if they where on Steam <3

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bring them all to PC!! i will buy them all in deluxe edition or whatever! Best RPGs ever

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I would buy FFX HD if it was for PC...

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Oh, heck no!!! I don't want to play my final fantasy games on the bloody computer!! If they are going to rerelease them, it had better be on the PS3 and PS4 game systems where they belong like they did for Final Fantasy X and X-2. I don't want to play my favorite old school Final Fantasy games (FF 7-9) on the computer where who knows WHAT could happen to foul things up for the game from anything to computer viruses, or the computer crashing, to just plain old ANYTHING that could make you lose your game and everything you saved while playing it, when we can SAFELY play it on the comfort of our game PS3 and PS4 game stations in comfort on a big screen tv, where we don't have to worry about something bad happening that could cause you to lose everything in the game.

Avatar image for eggitheshadow

<< LINK REMOVED >> I know right, its bloody annoying if anyone wants to play these games play it on the console >_>

The only reason they want to bring this over is so they can make more money, but seriously.. that's not going to happen and it'll leave a bad taste in the mouths of people who have never played a final fantasy game before (due to not owning a console) as 13 was a HORRIBLE game in comparison to the other final fantasy's (in my opinion) and the series would get even more hate than it is already getting then they'll think, oh no, these people in Europe and america "don't like the series anymore" (don't give us enough money -_-) so we'll only give them a digital copy in the future on the PSN or PC like what happened with Drakengard 3 in which most of the hate comes from Europe and Australia not getting a physical copy of the game and it will ruin the market for the game. This is a really bad move by square in my opinion, as if they go through with this and it goes reasonably well they'll release all their new final fantasy games on the computer go all out with graphics and such and their games will be badly optimized for consoles making the console versions inferior killing off such a good franchise

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> If someone who's never played a Final Fantasy game, plays it. How is that Sony's fault? Bringing Final Fantasy to PC IS NOT a bad thing. Exclusives are starting to get annoying and not exactly consumer friendly.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The thing is if they want to bring over the final fantasy games they should at least put some effort into it. Its a pc port.. nothing has been modified at all. There are many pc gamers out there who are having techical difficulties because of this and Square enix are doing nothing to address those problems. Then the new FF players would think "Is this all FF has to offer" and give up altogether with the thing. Consumer friendliness through the gaming consoles is completely irrelevant when square makes their decisions, its make to money with the least effort possible by re-releasing games without any optimisation and its bad to encourage this behaviour from the company by going and buying the pc release. But by all means if you don't have a ps3 and haven't played it, buy the pc version. But if you do have a ps3 definitely go for that version as it is superior to the pc version

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That's why it's for people who, surprise! Actually know how to use a computer. AKA not you.

FYI PC's can plug into tv's and you can use a wireless mouse and keyboard while sitting on your couch...

Avatar image for xXl_z3r0_lXx

<< LINK REMOVED >> You should probably change your username from 2007 to 1997, as your understanding of computers sounds like it comes from around that era.

Avatar image for remiks00

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Yes, he's definitely mentally challenged lol. Clearly he hasn't seriously gamed on a PC since Windows 98-XP if "viruses, and computer crashing" are the concerns lol. PC gaming has come a long way since then. Also, if your PC was constantly "crashing" and "catching viruses" then I really question the User much more than the computer itself.

Avatar image for VampJoseph

I would totally upgrade my aging computer if XV is coming to pc!!

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Avatar image for Sesheenku


Personally I love older games for their turn based systems, especially FF5 which throws in the job system too, every fight is like a puzzle, everything is an exercise for your ingenuity and creativity.

I haven't played past 12.. hell I didn't even beat 12 but hey that's FF for me, I love some of them and others I'm indifferent.

If you asked me I'd tell you my favorites are 4,5,8, 9, and 10-2 (due to game play don't freak out people)

6, 7, and 10 are most people's favorites but 6 doesn't hook me, 7 loses me after Midgar (It's too calm for me after the action packed start) and 10 once again fails to hook me.

Whereas 4 starts action packed and keep a decent pace, 5 continually gains momentum despite a slower start, 8 is a bit more random, 9 keeps a steady pace, and 10-2 is really enjoyable with the choices and various engaging side quests. Most of that game is well constructed side quests that are very enjoyable.

That's my opinion anyways.

Inb4 someone tells me my opinion is garbage because I like several FF's most people hate.

Avatar image for cashyjane

<< LINK REMOVED >> try this:

FF 7 crisis core

FF 7




very ADDICTING games, FF IX my first time i meet FF series

i m not a gamer but i really like FF Series

Avatar image for CharmCaster2007

@leonskellon All I can say on the matter is that the games are just so ADDICTING. Once you start playing one of them you can't seem to stop once the storyline in the game starts, and you want to keep playing until the end. I got hooked on the series back when Final Fantasy 7 came out, and haven't kicked the habit with this series yet as new games come out. *lol* Every new Final Fantasy game that comes out is almost as good as the last one if not better.

Avatar image for dj_ikitxz

Considering that 13 series sales wise LR seems to be doing better than its predecessor (13-2) I was surprised to find that LR did better than GT6 & FIFA 14 of all things.

Then again LR is a pretty darn good game.

Avatar image for captainbrak

<< LINK REMOVED >> LR is a darn good game? I'll take what you're having. I don't want to be part of this world, either.

Don't hate me, God just told me to say that (isn't that the majority of storyline garbage LR gives us?) and I don't know how I know that either!!!!

Avatar image for neosaturos123

Final Fantasy games on PC? Maybe even FFXV? Hell yeah! All of my yes.

Avatar image for MHzBurglar

FFIX PC port please. It'll go nicely with VII and VIII. Maybe throw in the most updated I/II/III/IV/V/VI remakes/ports while you're at it (but change the stats/difficulty of I and II back to their original non-wimpy levels.) I really don't care about anything from X onwards...

Avatar image for 7ghost7

Final Fantasy XV for PC please...?!!

Avatar image for MichaelDBZ

Now this I can actually be excited about :)
Would love to play the series on PC. Especially XV.

Avatar image for ci_devant

Japan shocked that people on computers are buying games.

Next up, the shocking revelation that they want to play in 1080 with an uncapped framerate.

Avatar image for viewjet

Actually, this makes sense. The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy fits the PC platform extremely well with it's emphasis on a beautiful and detailed graphical presentation. Let's face it, FFXIII would be absolutely stunning with a high end video card. Also, even though the FF purists hates it, the auto battle system perhaps would allow for new and casual gamers in the PC community to jump into a FF series of games.

I'll probably get hammered here, but I'm perhaps one of the few people on earth that really liked the FFXIII storyline, characters, mythos, set pieces and overall feel. Hope it comes to Steam; it would be a smart move on the part of Square and help them recover from previous lack luster sales....

Avatar image for talon3180

<< LINK REMOVED >> nope i liked FFXIII storline too and yes that FFXIII would look stunning on PC if they took some time to put DX11 and fresh paint on it mabe nvidia Physx make the game high end somthing like a recommended specs like a quad core cpu 6 GB of ram 660ti 2gb video memory you know kinda like what BF4 wants but optimize it so people with mid range cards can turn of the Physx and AA and run it i have high hopes that if they did do FFXIII thats how they would do it but to be honest they might put some polish on it and release it if they did that

Avatar image for billzihang

@viewjet It is odd that there's an almost reluctance with Japanese developers. FROM have made the jump, and some others. Each one of these has been tremendously successful. Just look at Dark Souls - even given the pretty poor quality of the port it was well received.

Surely they realise most of the sales are abroad? Well, because there are rather more people in Europe and the US than in Japan alone. PC ma practically be a non existent platform in Japan, but that isn't the case with the rest of the world.

I blame management at the top, the type that has their head rammed up their arses.

Avatar image for dj_ikitxz

<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree. The FF13 series has done so well (comparable to FF7 the irony is simply delicious) to warrant it to become the first FF trilogy. Even though 13-2 fell down to 2.31 million sales (which is still pretty decent in of itself that is). I personally bought the ff13 and 13-2 series. Never got the 13-2 CE version b/c I felt the NA fans were getting the short end of the stick compared to the European fan base. But for LR I did pre-order the CE. I don't know if LR is going to do better than 13 but so far it is doing better than 13-2. SO the sales should turn out to be more than 2.31 million at least.

Ultimately its just the old school nostalgic gamers hating on new games w/o giving them a proper chance. Given that the FFX story is superior to the 13 story. 10-2 was garbage imo.

That's why you got to look at everything with a fresh pair of 'goggles' so to speak. The 13 trilogy is doing pretty well. And if it can maintain its fan base I don't see any reason why it wouldn't warrant a fourth or fifth sequel. If they can pull it off but things are better left short and sweet rather than long and bitter.

Also I find the LR gameplay to be similar to 12 and superior to 10/10-2 and perhaps even 7. They should have played around with 10-2/12/13-2 game play mechanics (GPM) a bit more to perfect LR GPM.

So far I am pleased with the game 85/100 imo.

Avatar image for Damnation_6

Dont you DARE bring FFXIII, FFXIII-2 or Lightning Returns to PC. Those games are awefull.

Avatar image for MARYUS1010

<< LINK REMOVED >> You idiot! You even played those games to say that? God damn troll!